What is Electronic Hearing Protection?

Electronic hearing protection refers to devices that use technology to reduce loud noise levels while still allowing softer sounds to be heard. In noisy environments such as shooting ranges or construction sites, these devices can protect your hearing and help prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be caused by exposure to loud noises, which can damage the inner ear over time. Temporary threshold shift (TTS) is a temporary loss of hearing due to exposure to loud noises, while permanent hearing loss can result from long-term exposure to high noise levels. Electronic ear protection can help prevent both TTS and permanent hearing loss by reducing the level of noise that reaches the ear.

Here is our Electronic Over Ear Comparison Chart to find the right Over Ear Model for you!

Here is our Electronic In Ear Comparison Chart to find the right In Ear Model for you!

Advantages of Electronic Hearing Protection

One major advantage of electronic earmuffs and earbuds are their ability to enhance situational awareness through hearing amplification. Hearing amplification inside ear protection is particularly useful for individuals who work in noisy environments, such as construction sites or shooting ranges, and need to hear some things while still protecting their hearing. Pro Ears has dynamic compression technology so that wearers can maintain situational awareness and hear important sounds, such as warning signals or instructions, while still being protected from harmful levels of noise and permanent damage from gunshot noises or other sound exposure.


Hearing amplification can also enhance the wearer’s ability to communicate. In many noisy environments, it can be difficult to hear what others are saying, leading to miscommunications and potential safety hazards. With hearing amplification technology, however, wearers can hear others more clearly, reducing the risk of miscommunications and improving overall safety. This becomes especially important with shooting ear protection to hear other people, instructors commands or small noise levels from game.


Another advantage of hearing amplification inside ear protection is that it can help prevent fatigue and stress. When individuals are exposed to loud noises for extended periods, it can cause physical and mental fatigue, which can lead to stress and decreased productivity. By using hearing amplification technology, wearers can reduce the amount of noise they are exposed to, making their work environment or everyday life more comfortable and less fatiguing.


In addition to situational awareness, electronic hearing protection offers a comfortable fit and convenience of use. With adjustable ear cups and headbands or custom fit earbuds, wearers can adjust the fit to their preferences. Also, our devices have dual circuit boards for individual ear volume control. Some electronic muffs even have bluetooth connectivity, allowing wearers to listen to music or take phone calls while wearing them. The db noise reduction rating (NRR) of electronic hearing protection can also be a key factor in its effectiveness, as it indicates the level of noise reduction provided.

Types of Electronic Hearing Protection Devices

Electronic ear plugs and ear muffs are two common types of electronic hearing protection. Both use microphones to pick up and amplify low-level sounds while simultaneously reducing the volume of louder sounds. Electronic earplugs are inserted directly into the ear canal while headphones sit over the ears and seal out ambient noise. Specialty earmuffs and nonlinear HPDs are also available for more specific applications.

Electronic In Ear Hearing Protection

Electronic ear buds for shooting, or sonic defenders, often provide higher levels of noise protection than ear muffs. This is because they sit inside the ear canal as opposed to over. They act as an ear plug on top of the technological capabilities that block out background noise and amplify lower noises. We offer a range of in ear hearing protection including custom fit earbuds with our mold kit, wireless earbuds, and bluetooth shooting earbuds.


Pro Ears In Ear Models –

  • Stealth HT
  • Stealth HTBT
  • Stealth Elite
  • Pro Fit – Custom fit
  • Pro Hear

Electronic Over Ear Hearing Protection

Electronic over ear protection ear cups cover ears with gel seals for noise protection. Our models are equipped with microphones and dual circuit boards for maximum situational awareness. Over ear headphones range in noise reduction rating from 22 to 30 and are equipped with our dynamic level compression technology to provide maximum protection.  



Pro Ears Over Ear Models:

  • Gold
  • Predator
  • Pro
  • Pro Mag
  • Pro Slim
  • Pro Tac
  • Silver
  • Stalker

Whether you pick electronic earbuds or headphones is personal preference and can depend on what you are using them for.

Where to Use Electronic Hearing Protection

Ear protection is crucial in a variety of settings to prevent hearing damage or loss. Shooting sports, both indoor and outdoor, generate high levels of noise that can permanently damage your hearing if you’re not adequately protected. Earplugs or earmuffs are recommended for all shooting sports, including hunting. Indoor ranges can be particularly loud due to the confined space, so it’s essential to wear ear protection. It’s also worth noting that hearing damage from shooting sports is cumulative, meaning the more you participate, the greater the risk to your hearing.


In loud noise environments, such as concerts or festivals, ear protection is crucial to prevent hearing loss. Earmuffs or earplugs are recommended to reduce the risk of permanent hearing damage. Construction sites are another environment where ear protection is necessary due to the high levels of noise generated by heavy machinery and power tools. Finally, MRI machines can generate loud noises that can be uncomfortable or even painful, so ear protection is recommended to help mitigate the noise. Overall, it’s important to wear ear protection in any situation where loud noise is present to protect your hearing.

Why Pro Ears for Hearing Protection?

Pro Ears has top of the line electronic earbuds and headphones for shooter ear protection. Protect your ears from permanent damage. Pro Ears electronic earbuds and earmuffs are made in the USA and designed to fit everyone’s needs. Try our electronic hearing protection for a 30 day money back trial for low risk. We’re confident you’ll love them.

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