Custom Fit Hearing Protection

Are you tired of shouting ‘WHAT?’ every time someone tries to talk to you while wearing ear protection? Or maybe you’re just sick of hearing protection that pinches, slips, or gets in the way while at the shooting range? Well, Pro Ears has got you covered! We’ve been manufacturing custom fit hearing protection for years, tailored specifically to the needs of shooting, hunting, tactical, and construction clients. And, our molded model is a fraction of the cost as traditional custom fit hearing protection. Whether you’re a marksman, a builder, or a hunter, our custom ear protection will keep you safe and sound while you’re on the job – or off the grid. So, put down those generic earplugs, and treat your ears to the comfort, style, and protection they deserve.

Stealth Models


Pro fit Models



Custom Shape

Molded to your ear canal for the perfect fit

Battery Life

Up to 120 hours of battery life

Layered Noise Reduction

Up to 12 channels of layered noise reduction


Low price point compared to similar custom models

Sweat Proof

Sweat proof, water resistant design

DLSC Technology

DLSC Technology for hearing protection & noise amplification

Stealth Models

Stealth HT, Stealth HTBT, Stealth Elite

The Stealth models are the perfect combination of style, functionality, and custom fit. When you order this model, we’ll send you a molding kit that contains everything you need to make a mold of your ears right in the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve completed the molding process, simply send the molds back to us, and we’ll create custom earplugs that are uniquely shaped to fit your ears like a glove. But that’s not all – these earplugs come equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect to your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Whether you’re listening to music, taking a call, or following GPS directions, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear sound that’s tailored specifically to your ears. So, whether you’re at the shooting range, on a construction site, or just on the go, the Stealth model with Bluetooth will keep you connected, comfortable, and protected – all at the same time.

Pro Fit Models

Pro Fit Classic & Pro Fit Sport

The Pro Fit model is the result of years of research and development aimed at providing the ultimate in custom fit hearing protection for professional shooting competitors. But don’t worry – you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the benefits of this model. Like the Stealth model, the Pro Fit comes with a molding kit that allows you to create a custom mold of your ears at home. Once we receive your molds, our expert technicians will use them to create earplugs that are specifically tailored to your ears, providing a snug and secure fit that blocks out harmful noise while still allowing you to hear speech and other important sounds. But what sets the Pro Fit model apart is its advanced acoustic filtering technology, which enhances your ability to hear speech and other important sounds while still providing superior noise reduction. Whether you’re a professional shooter, a hunting enthusiast, or just someone who wants the best in custom fit hearing protection, the Pro Fit model is the way to go.

Custom Molding Process

Our custom molding is a simple 6 step process. Either do it yourself or have an Audiologist fit it for you and we’ll provide a discount to help cover that cost. Our team has made custom-fit hearing protection available to the masses with our molding kits. Follow our instructions and get your very own custom-molded set of earbuds

Self-molding Process:

1. Check Your Supplies

Your impression kit should contain all of the following:

  • Impression material; one packet for each mold or plug you intend to have made, plus one extra packet in case you botch one.
  • Various size foam oto-stops.
  • One plastic tipped syringe.
  • One Plastic Bag to return complete molds
  • One FedEx envelope and Return Label to ship back completed molds

2. Read All of the Instructions

Once you begin the process, the two-part impression material will begin to set up. So, be prepared and read all of the instructions so you use all the allowed time during the process.

The main things to keep in mind are temperature and time. The temperature of the material dictates the setup time. The warmer the temperature of the material, the faster it sets up, so if the material is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, put it into the refrigerator for an hour or more to cool it and thereby reduce the speed at which the material will set up, giving you time to work with it. You can leave the material in the refrigerator indefinitely without harm.

3. Insert the Foam Stops

Put the larger foam stop into the ear canal, checking to make sure it fits properly. The foam should fill the ear canal, but should not be difficult to insert. If the foam piece is too large, try the smaller one, or simply trim a bit off to make it smaller. Be sure not to dislodge the string from the foam. The string might be needed later to help remove the foam stop from the ear canal.

(Do this next part yourself so that you can feel how deeply you are inserting the Q-tip) Use a Q-tip to gently nudge the foam stop down past the second bend in the ear canal. Have your helper look into your ear. When properly inserted, the foam stop should not be visible, or should be just barely visible, when your helper is looking directly into the ear canal. Be sure to leave the string hanging out of the ear. If needed, the string can later be used to remove the foam stop.

4. Mix the Material

With the foam stop in the ear, prepare the two-part impression material for one ear. Using clean hands, remove all of the base (green) material from its container, and remove all of the hardener (white) from its container. knead the two blobs of material together in your fingers, working quickly, until the mass is a uniform color. Stop working the material after 15-20 seconds even if there are a few light streaks remaining. As long as the two parts are mostly combined the finished impressions will usually be fine, and continuing to work the material beyond 20 seconds could give you too little time to inject the material into the ear before it sets up.

5. Put Mixed Material in the Syringe

Remove the plunger from the syringe, place the kneaded material into the syringe and, using the plunger, push the material down into the tip until it is within 1/8” or so of the end. This will remove the air pockets from the material. Be sure to complete steps 5 & 6 within 60-90 seconds after completing step 4 for to prevent material from hardening.

6. Fill the Ear Canal and Inner Ear

(This step is easier if done by a helper) Close mouth and carefully place the tip of the syringe just inside the opening to the ear canal and using the plunger, force the material into the ear canal. The tip of the syringe should not touch the sides of the ear canal. As the material fills the ear canal, slowly withdraw the syringe and continue filling the helix, bowl, and tragus areas of the outer ear.

  • Some audiologist suggest you open your mouth wide or smile and make as if you are singing at this point then place something thin (a bite block) to bite on in mouth and gently close mouth and “rest” it on the bite block
  • Others believe that you can just insert the impression material and then open your mouth and put the bite blocks in…either way will work.
  • After the bite blocks are in…Don’t talk.

7. Firm the Impression Material

With the canal, helix, bowl, and tragus areas filled, lightly firm the material into the ear with your finger to eliminate lines and air pockets. Be careful not to press so hard as to distort the ear.


Benefits of Custom-Fit Hearing Protection

Increased Concentration:

Thoughts of hitting your stock on the earmuff or of an earbud falling out of your ear are thoughts that are better spent anticipating the target release. A properly fitted custom plug is more comfortable, secure and unobtrusive than all other styles of hearing protection.

Better than Natural Hearing:

Not exactly bionic, but close. The combination of amplifying the sounds you want to hear and filtering out many of the sounds we consider noise provide audio cues that can lead to improved performance.

Better fit: 

Our custom ear protection is made to fit the unique shape of the user’s ear, providing a more comfortable and secure fit compared to generic ear protection. This can be particularly beneficial for people who find generic ear protection uncomfortable or difficult to wear for extended periods.

Improved noise reduction:

 Because custom ear protection is tailored to the individual user, it can provide better noise reduction compared to generic ear protection. This is because the custom fit creates a seal in the ear canal that helps to block out noise.

Better communication:

Custom ear protection can be designed to allow for better communication in noisy environments like a shooting range, construction zone, or even mowing your lawn. The electronic features, Bluetooth capability, and sound amplification capabilities allow for optimum hearing protection, communication, and improved safety.


Custom ear protection is typically made from high-quality materials and designed to last for a long time. This can provide a cost-effective solution for people who need to use ear protection on a regular basis.

Cost Savings:

Let’s face it, the cost of custom fit electronic ear plugs do not fit everyone’s budget. By avoiding costly advertising, paying sponsored athletes and other expensive overheads we are able to offer Pro Fit™ at a steep discount to most competitive products. Our SPORT and CLASSIC models are comparable to competitor products that cost twice as much. You may find other custom plugs for a similar price but we are pretty certain it won’t be for the same performance level.

Why Pro Ears?

We’ve been manufacturing custom fit hearing protection for years, tailored specifically to the needs of shooting, hunting, tactical, and construction clients. And, our molded model is a fraction of the cost as traditional custom fit hearing protection. Whether you’re a marksman, a builder, or a hunter, our custom ear protection will keep you safe and sound while you’re on the job – or off the grid. So, put down those generic earplugs, and treat your ears to the comfort, style, and protection they deserve. Shop custom fit hearing protection with Pro Ears, or feel free to contact us with any questions!

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