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PRO EARS® Advanced Hearing Protection Technology

Dynamic Level Sound Compression™

Only Pro Ears models of electronic hearing protection/amplification muffs feature ‘DLSC™’ Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology. This superior technology allows the wearer to hear every sound even during high volume noise spikes. While other brands say they have ‘compression’ technology, they do not. What they do have is outdated technology, either ‘Peak Clipping’ or ‘Automatic Level Control’. ‘Peak Clipping’ turns the amplification system off when noise levels reach a preset decibel leaving the wearer with passive muffs. ‘ALC’ simply reacts to high noise levels by lowering the unit’s volume so the louder sounds still drown out softer sounds. In both technologies loud noise levels compromise the ability to hear quieter sounds. Only Ridgeline’s ‘DLSC’ technology protects hearing while at the same time allowing the wearer to hear lower volume sounds such as normal conversation. ‘DLSC’ works by instantly ‘compressing’ all noises over the 70 dB threshold by 50% to a safe level while amplifying all sounds below that to 70 dB. The result is the wearer will hear everything, including conversation, while simultaneously being protected from dangerous, high volume sounds.


Block 1 – Gain and Volume Control This block amplifies the microphone. The gain can be adjusted from 0 dB to 40 dB.

Block 2 – High Pass Filters Cuts the low frequencies below 300Hz, eliminating most of the wind noise and other low frequencies.

Block 3 – Dynamic Level Sound Compression (DLSC™) This circuit automatically adjusts or compresses the input signal by as much as 45 dB. The DLSC will automatically adjust the internal gain in order to maintain the safe output level of 85 dB.

Block 4 – Low Pass Filters Limits the high frequencies that are allowed to pass. The 3 dB point is at 5Khz.

Block 5 – Speaker Amp This stage provides the high output current required to drive the speaker with no distortion.


The Dual Layer, Printed Circuit Boards with extensive ground planes make it immune to interferences caused by Radios, TV, Ham stations and other sources. The All-Surface Mount Design uses the highest quality parts available and is based on five, low power Integrated Circuits allowing the unit to consume less than 4 Ma with a battery life of more than 300 hours.


How It Works

History and Evolution of Pro Ears Technology

Most people expect technology to improve year-after-year with advancements in micro-circuitry and software design. At Pro-Ears we are no different. Below is a short history to explain how Pro-Ears technology has remained at the head of the pack.

PE01 Circuit Board: The Beginning 

This is where the active hearing protection industry began in 1992, the PE01 from Pro-Ears. The founder, Dan Nigro hand produced each set of Pro-Ears, one by one in his garage in Phoenix, AZ. Notice the size of the board and the simple circuitry. One thing that was evident from day one is the quality of the construction. We continue to get comments from customers that their original Pro-Ears are still working, sixteen years later.

Linear Elite Circuit Board. 
Smaller, lasts longer, faster Pro Ears released the Linear Elite Series of hearing Protection in 1996. Customers were requesting longer battery life so Mr. Nigro, together with his lead engineer, set about designing a modified circuit board that would consume less power AND increase the attack time. Improvements to the compression circuit achieved both objectives and shooters responded by doubling the sales of Pro Ears.

Linear Elite Circuit Boards v2.0 
Good things can come in small(er) packages The competition was beginning to notice the popularity of the electronic hearing protection from this small American-designed, American made company. The “big boys” of the hearing protection industry developed their own technology to compete with Pro-Ears. While their peak-clipping design did not produce the purity of sound of Pro-Ears, their low cost Asian production did allow them to sell their products for less. So we raised the bar. In 1998, we were able to shrink the engine of the system to lower the weight and allow room for more noise attenuating material. 

Dimension Series Circuit Board. 
Smaller, more circuits, more reliable “A five-year warranty?” It was a revolutionary idea – develop an improved electronic earmuff with an attack time of 1.7 milliseconds AND increase the warranty to five years. By developing a modular designed circuit board Pro-Ears were so reliable that the company was confident a five-year warranty was justified. Considering the competition was not even offering a one-year warranty as comprehensive as Pro-Ears, this was a giant leap. It was appropriate to start the new millennium with the introduction the Dimension Series, starting the new century with another leap of technology and service.

Dimension Series V2.0 
Shrinking in size, increasing functionality The next generation Dimension Series offered the first programmable electronic hearing protection. User adjusted gain control allowed the wearer to change the gain to meet the needs of a particular situation. Increase the gain to hear very faint sounds, decrease the gain when it is more important to maintain normal conversation. Proprietary software design was incorporated to analyze and filter a portion of the sound spectrum associated with wind, reducing interference was another industry first. A very small but powerful filter was incorporated onto the Dimension Series circuit board for improved high-frequency filtering.

Predator Plus or Pro Series 
Unmatched Performance for the Price Pro-Ears has remained dedicated to providing the purest, most consistent natural sound possible. The Dimension Series incorporated the most advanced technology in the market to achieve this goal. To make Pro-Ears high quality electronic hearing protection available to more professionals on a budget we built a non programmable circuit with a 5.5 millisecond attack time and lowered our price. Better than the competition’s top-of-the-line product, the Pro Series remains a workhorse for industry, law enforcement and occasional shooters.

Gold Series 
Because the advantage matters Pushing size, performance, and technology the Gold Series offer’s the best sound quality of any hearing protection. Period. Like the name indicates, the circuit board is inlaid with 24k gold circuits and connectors for true audiophile sound quality. The industries first active hearing protector with a micro processor provides full system diagnostics with a LED performance indicator, audible battery meter and automatic shut off. Improved attack time of 1.5 milliseconds with increased.

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