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Use It Or Lose It

Hearing protection made with quality in mind, Pro Ears is the industry leader for premium hearing protection. Handmade in the USA, our electronic hearing protection and passive safety ear muffs are what you need for dangerously loud environments. Pro Ears hearing protection is designed for all applications where hearing damage can occur. Whether you are looking for in-ear hearing protection, hearing protection with Bluetooth, or safety earmuffs for children, we have a model and style for you. Discover the difference of using Pro Ears; hear the difference today.

Custom In-Ear Hearing Protection

Custom made wireless in-ear hearing protection and amplification with high definition sound and improved situational awareness.

Starting at $999.00

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Economical Electronic Hearing Protection

With a slimmer design, gel ear seals and a padded base, the Silver 22 is the same great electronic muffs designed for comfort and convenience.


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Behind the Head Style Headbands

Weighing at only 20 grams, the Stealth is the lightest and most advanced behind the head electronic hearing protection available on the market today.


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Gold Circuits for Premium Performance

Automatically block out loud sounds while still being able to hear your surroundings. The Gold II is the newest version of our premium Gold Series.


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Pro Ears is the world’s most advanced electronic ear and hearing protection for shooting, hunting, and industrial applications.
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