Pro Ears is the world’s most advanced electronic ear and hearing protection for shooting, hunting, and industrial applications. Pro Ears electronic ear muffs achieve a perfect balance between comfort, noise attenuation, and purity of sound. No compromises.


A great pair of passive ear muffs are a very effective way to protect your hearing. A comfortable, well designed pair of ear muffs can help protect your hearing for years. Proper fitting is essential to adequate protection. Pro Ears provides different sizes of passive ear muffs for superior passive hearing protection.


Finally a Custom Digital hearing amplification / compression Ear Plug good enough to be called Pro Ears. All the features you find in the competition’s product but priced hundreds of dollars less. It pays to wait for the best and now it is here. Now you can really Hear the Difference.

Acquired in mid 2008 from the founder of Ridgeline, Inc. Ridgeline started in his garage outside of Phoenix, AZ in 1992. An avid shooter and hunter, he had recognized the need for a high quality, comfortable and reliable hearing protectionr and sound amplification. Working with a world-class engineer from Motorola they created the first, and to this day, only compression system to limit high decibel sounds while amplifying low decibel sounds. The market has enthusiastically responded to this innovation. By 2008 after many product and business improvements the founder decided it was time to enjoy the fruits of his labor and retire. Altus Brands reached agreement to acquire Ridgeline, which at that time had been relocated to Westcliffe, CO. The company has since been relocated to the Altus Brands home office in Traverse City, MI where we continue to manufacture and distribute the world’s best electronic earmuffs.

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