MRI Safe Hearing Protection

Introducing Pro Ears’ exceptional line of hearing protection for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, designed to provide optimal hearing protection and comfort during these scans. With three distinct models to cater to different needs that each come with a convenient carry bag and two sets of foam ear plugs in cases.

person in mri with a technician 

Our Ultra Youth MRI Kit is specifically crafted for youth, taking into account their smaller heads and unique audiological requirements. These youth headphones offer a snug and secure fit, ensuring the young ones can undergo an MRI exam with confidence and peace of mind. With their child-friendly design and 25 NRR capabilities, these headphones make the scanning experience much more comfortable and manageable for children.

For individuals seeking high level noise reduction, our Ultra 26 MRI Kit features an impressive Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 26. These headphones effectively minimize the loud noises produced during MRI scans, providing a quieter and more soothing environment. This enhanced noise reduction promotes a relaxed experience, reducing anxiety and enabling patients to remain calm and still throughout the procedure.

For those requiring even greater noise reduction, we offer the MRI Safe Ultra 30 MRI Kit with an outstanding NRR of 30. These headphones are engineered to deliver exceptional sound isolation, ensuring that the loud noises of the MRI machine are significantly reduced. Patients can benefit from an even quieter and more serene scanning experience, allowing them to focus on relaxation or enjoy their preferred audio content during the procedure.


We take pride in our dedication to patient safety, whether that’s at the range or in an MRI scan. Our non-magnetic headphones are meticulously designed and thoroughly tested to meet the strict safety requirements of MRI environments. We use non-ferromagnetic materials that will not produce any MRI artifacts in the scan. With our MRI-safe headphone models, you can trust that your hearing is well-protected throughout the scanning process. Experience the comfort, safety, and exceptional noise reduction capabilities that our ear muffs provide, enabling you to have a more positive and stress-free MRI experience.



Top 5 Reasons to Wear Adequate Hearing Protection During MRI Scan

There are several reasons to wear adequate hearing protection during an MRI scan. 

  1. Reduction of Patient Anxiety or Stress
  2. Reduction of Claustrophobia
  3. Protect hearing from dangerous levels of sound
  4. Enhanced sense of time
  5. Get a better scan and reduce the need for re-scan

Getting a good scan is essential. Some plastics can leave artifacts requiring a second scan

Pro Ears MRI Safe hearing protection

A tight fit can lead to anxiety. Lower noise can help reduce anxiety

Why are MRI headphones necessary for patients undergoing MRI scans?

Pro Ears MRI Safe hearing protection models are designed to improve the patient experience during stressful and claustrophobic scan procedures. They can help to reduce the noise level and protect your hearing. MRI machines produce a loud banging or knocking sound because of the coils in the strong magnetic field. These noises can be uncomfortable or even painful, particularly for those who are sensitive to loud noises or have pre-existing hearing problems. MRI scans can last for 15 minutes up to an hour and a half. That is sufficient time to cause hearing loss if not adequately protected. It is also a long time to wear hearing protection that is not comfortable. Pro Ear’s MRI headphones are designed to reduce the noise level by providing a barrier between the ear and the noise source, making the scan more comfortable and less stressful. By blocking these noises, there are much lower levels of discomfort, and patient stress or anxiety and it can also reduce the likelihood of rescans, call backs, or sedation medication.

For medical professionals, the use of MRI headphones can help to improve patient compliance and reduce the need for sedation or anesthesia during the scan. Overall, the use of MRI headphones can help to improve the quality and safety of the MRI scan, making it a better experience for both patients and medical professionals.


How loud is an MRI machine?

MRI machines can be extremely loud, generating noise levels that can reach up to 110 decibels. To put this into perspective, a chainsaw produces noise levels of about 100 to 120 dB, a jet engine at 200 feet distance produces about 120 db, and a rock concert is about 100 dB. Being inside the MRI machine and surrounded by the noises can be overwhelming for long periods of time. The loud noise is caused by the rapid switching on and off of the magnetic fields in the machine, which can be uncomfortable, stressful, or even painful for some MRI patients. It’s important to wear hearing protection to avoid damage from the MRI scanner noise. These headphones will protect your ears from the loud noise and to ensure a more comfortable and safe experience as well as reduce involuntary or accidental movement because of the exposure to noise levels.

MRIs are loud. it’s important to protect your hearing


What are Key Features of Hearing Protection for MRIs?

Key features of hearing protection for MRIs include noise reduction, patient comfort, and safety. MRI headphones and earplugs should be designed to reduce the noise level by providing a barrier between the ear and the MRI noise, while also ensuring that they do not interfere with the MRI scan or cause artifacts in the images produced. They should also be comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time as a scan can last up to an hour and a half. 

Additionally, all models must be MRI compatible headphones. Pro Ear’s have been tested to ensure they are MRI Safe, which is defined as “a medical device that poses no known hazards resulting from exposure to any MRI environment. MRI Safe medical devices are composed of materials that are electrically non conductive, nonmetallic, and nonmagnetic”. The MRI scanner is a large, electromagnetic machine, and some magnetic materials in other headphones can interfere with the scan, leaving behind artifacts that disrupt the image. The MRI headphones need to be non-magnetic, and only contain non ferromagnetic materials. Not all plastics, rubbers and foams will pass through the ferromagnetic detection system and will cause an alarm or can leave an artifact in the scan resulting in a need for a rescan, therefore not all headphones can be worn during an MRI scan. With our specially made & designed MRI Safe headphones, you can be confident that you will have the best noise protection that will not interfere with your scan.


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