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Pro Ears custom fit electronic hearing protection was originally designed for professional shooting competitors. The increased comfort and superior sound quality allowed them to improve concentration and focus on the task at hand – improved performance.



Thoughts of hitting your stock on the earmuff or of an ear bud falling out of your ear are thoughts that are better spent anticipating the target release.  A properly fitted custom plug is more comfortable, secure and unobtrusive than all other styles of hearing protection.


Not exactly bionic, but close.  The combination of amplifying the sounds you want to hear and filtering out many of the sounds we consider noise provide audio cues that can lead to improved performance.


Years of working with competitive athletes in many disciplines of shooting competitions as well as professional waterfowl guides has given us insight into programming our hearing protection to optimize performance.   We start with the best circuitry available and program them based on this knowledge.  This standard programming should be right for 90% of customers but if you have a unique need we will work with you to personalize your purchase.


Let’s face it, the cost of custom fit electronic ear plugs do not fit everyone’s budget.  By avoiding costly advertising, paying sponsored athletes and other expensive overheads we are able to offer Pro FitTM at a steep discount to most competitive products.  Our SPORT and CLASSIC models are comparable to competitor products that cost twice as much.  You may find other custom plugs for a similar price but we are pretty certain it won’t be for the same performance level.


Whether it is our Perfect Fit Guarantee, 30 Day Trial, Free Shipping or EZ Finance we try to minimize your risk.  The team in our customer service department are here to help.  Call or email if you have questions or need help to place your order or if you just want to share a story.

The difference between the Pro FitTM Sport and the Pro FitTM Classic custom fit electronic hearing protection.

Both models fit into the same form factor. Both models are made from an acrylic shell coated with a nano particle that when warmed by body heat creates a softer, more secure feeling when inserted. Both have the same great warranty.

The Sport model has fewer channels and bands so it cannot be as fine-tuned to react to every environment as quickly and seamlessly. A different processor in each so the attack and release times are not as fast in the Sport as they are in the Classic.

The Classic has better speech detection and reacts more quickly for speech onset. The Classic has improved phase cancellation over a wider range of frequencies.

It is like comparing a Trans Am to a Ferrari – both are great cars, lots of power, lots of speed. It’s just that the Ferrari will shift through the gears more smoothly and will purr instead of rumble.

The Sport will be better than any competitive product near it’s price point. You will get great protection, comfort and reliability. You will hear more clearly and differentiate sounds better. If you have minimal hearing loss and plan to wear exclusively for shooting the Sport may be the product for you.

The Classic is designed to compete with custom plugs costing hundreds of dollars more. They help to accentuate speech and distinguish it from background noise in a more natural manner. The Classic has improved handling of tonal sounds and reduces microphone noise. If you have moderate or more hearing loss in one or both ears or plan to wear in non-shooting environments or participate in competitions the Classic is the more appropriate model.

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight Jeff Snope Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight: Jeff Snope

“I have been shooting competition for a number of years now. I have tried all different types and levels of hearing protection. Pro Ears has been my go to company for quality hearing protection. Wearing the Pro Ears Pro Fits is like wearing nothing at all. These in ear models are very small, very comfortable, very effective and reducing load noises, and offer unprecedented performance in hearing range commands, speech, and your surroundings. I have even worn my Pro Ears Products to Monster truck Shows, while working, Reloading ammunition and when doing projects with machinery around my house. You can’t go wrong with Pro Ears, they have something that fits every price range, and it is quality products.”

-Jeff Snope

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Features Chart

Feature Pro Fit – Classic Pro Fit – Sport
Adaptive Feedback Canceling (AFC)    
NRR 29 29
3rd Generation AFC X X
Fixed Directional Processing X X
Adjustable Adaptive Directionality X X
Layered Noise Reduction 12 Channel 10 Channel
12 Channel Layered Noise Reduction    
Impulse Sound Suppression X X
Wind Noise Reduction X  
Dynamic Contrast Detection X X
Wide Dynamic Range Compression X X
Compression Channels 8 6
MPO Limiting 8 Channel Broadband
8 Channel MPO Limiting X  
Gain Adjustment Bands 12  
Program Switch Tones yes  
Low Battery Warning yes yes
Programmable Power on Delay X  
Communication X X
Battery Life 120 hrs 120 hrs
Battery Type #13 #13
THD <2% <3%
Push Button Channel Selector x x
Volume Control Switch Switch
One Way Battery Insertion x x
Compression Setting 85 dB – all channels 85 dB – all memories
Gain Settings    
Memory 1 17 dB 35 Db
Memory 2 22 dB  
Memory 3 30 dB  
Memory 4 35 dB  
Maximum Volume (High Gain) 105 dB 105 dB
Memory 1 / /
Memory 2 / /
Memory 3 / /
Memory 4 / /
Hard Carry Case X X
Open Fit Design X X
Colors Available (Face Plate – Tan) (R)Red/ (L)Blue (R)Red/ (L)Blue
Retail $1499.99 / pair $999.99 / pair
Rechargable – Add $75.00 $75.00
3 Year Warranty – Add $99.00 $99.00
Optional request tinnitus adjustment on Memory 4 Available Not Available

No Risk Promise

When we receive your mold we will inspect it for completeness. If it looks good we will make your Pro Fit™. If you are not satisfied with the fit of your Pro Fit™ send it back together with a new mold and we will make it again. We want you to be satisfied so you get the best protection available.

Love them or $$$ back. It is that simple.

We pay to ship the mold to our lab and to ship your Pro Fit™ to you in the Continental US. You pay for shipping for any returns.

12 reviews for Pro Fit Series

  1. opticsunlim

    I have tried so many options over the years to maximize comfort, noise/gunshot reductions and sound quality an finally spent a little ore $ than I would have liked to, but got what I paid for with the Pro Ears Pro Fit Custom hearing protection and amplification. The sound quality is truly high quality, not tingy or scratchy. I feel they give me great protection for my trap and skeet shooting with a smooth, uninterrupted move to aim. and they are comfortable too, way more thana unfitted plugs ore ven muffs. Well worth the investment.

  2. cricci

    Love the pro fits and recommend to friends that are serious shooters. The things that amaze me are the quality if the sound, situational awareness and comfort. having custom fitted ear protection was worth it.

  3. huntingfeeds

    One of the best benefits of the Pro Fits are that once you get used to wearing something in your ear how comfortable they are. More comfortable than ear tips or ear plugs and still do not interfere at all with a gun stock. Of course, no clamping headaches like an ear muff but more comfortable than other ear buds. I also was wokting with the customer service team and they were great to deal with, service is a lot art! The overall sound quality, construction and features and benefits really have it over the competition.

  4. dave

    Great choice for times I need less bulk or where an inner ear piece is more practical. Excellent fit, sound quality and protection from the best brand!

  5. altow90

    This set of hearing protection was a great investment. I use them when I’m hunting, at the range or in a competition. They are extremely comfortable. I can wear them all day and the battery life is good. I’ve tried many brands and these are the best. Definitely worth the money.

  6. WillSkrol

    What amazes me is how good they filter out unwanted noise. I have had amplification hearing protection before it seemed like it amplifies all sounds equally but the algorithm ( I guess this is what it is ) in the Pro Fit processor distinguishes between what it interprets to be background noise and the noise you want to hear, and it makes the sounds more intelligible.

    Also, once I got use to wearing something in my ear, i was surprised how comfortable they are. More comfortable than ear tips or ear plugs and still do not interfere at all with a gun stock. I really recommend them, high quality.

  7. West Coast Steel

    With the custom fit, the Pro Ears Pro Fit give you lightweight, all-day comfort- especially in hot weather. They just disappear and you forget they are always there, protecting your hearing. The audio quality is crisp & clear, allowing you to hear normal conversation, as well as the bullets striking the steel targets as the electronics attenuate the sound of the gunshots. Protect your hearing with the best- Pro Ears Pro Fit!

  8. ospts2019

    The biggest advantage after using my Pro-Fits is the quality of the sound, it is incredible. i am a primarily a trap shooter and they work great. I has a audiologist do my molds because I wanted a great fit too, and that is what I got. I think this is a case of you get what you pay for. Highly recommend.

  9. Bluespark – Verified Purchase

    Noise Reduction Highest
    Style: Classic In-ear
    Excellent fit in ear provides best noise reduction. Reduced 12 GA shotgun report to a pop and allowed range commands to be heard. Watching TV allowed wife to listen at low level and conversation to be less strained. Happy Wife! Works well in crowded restaurants conversations with and waitress can be heard. Thank you for a great product both on the range and in noise conditions. Rechargeable with carrying case when needed when out. Fits snug in ear requires patients removing from ear will not fall out and get lost.

  10. Amazon Customer – Verified Purchase

    Don’t Settle, Get the Best. Get the Pro Ears Sports.
    Style: Classic Rechargeable In-ear
    Like many other firearms enthusiasts I started with foam hearing protection, went to over the ear, them over the ear electronic, then finally upgraded to electronic in the ear hearing protection. I’ve tried 4 different kinds of in the ear electronic heating protection ranging from $150-$2,000. Like with most things in life you get what you pay for. The Pro Ears really are that good. It’s an investment like most things but isn’t your hearing worth investing in? If you continue shooting for even 5 years the cost is minimal at best. The cost is even more reasonable when you consider that most of the lower cost items are not as comfortable, have short life spans, and are often times not rated for continual use.

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    Pro Ears Pro Fit Custom Earplugs
    by Mike Coker
    Tactical Gun review

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