Gold II 30

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  • Proprietary DLSC compression technology for a clean and natural uninterrupted sound quality while shooting
  • Gel ear seals with proprietary design for extra comfort and extended wear in hot and cold climates
  • Amplifies sounds up to 8x with high fidelity and has a 1.5 millisecond response time
  • Separate volume controls for fine-tuning to your hearing requirement in each ear
  • Noise reduction rating (NRR) is 30
  • Auto shut off
  • Low battery indicator
  • Uses four (4) AAA batteries (not included)
  • Five (5) year Warranty.
  • Military grade circuit boards
  • Made in the USA

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The New Gold II Series was designed similar to our Pro Ears Golds, however we removed the ear jacks to reduce cost in the manufacturing process. Pro Ears Golds are still the world’s most advanced electronic ear and hearing protection for shooting, hunting, and industrial applications. Our superior technology allows the competitive shooter, hunter, and law enforcement agent to hear every sound, including conversation, even during high volume noise spikes. Pro Ears electronic earmuffs achieve a perfect balance between comfort, noise attenuation, and purity of sound. The Pro Ears gold II 30 amplifies sounds up to 8x with high fidelity. Proprietary DLSC compression technology for a clean and natural uninterrupted sound quality while shooting. Available in Black, Green, and Pink.

Click here to view our Electronic Over-Ear Comparison Chart

Click here to view our Hearing Protection Selection Guide

Gold II Instruction Manual

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight Dean McClure Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight: Dean McClure

Dean McClure is a guide currently leading moose and bear hunts out of Galena, Alaska.

” I have been wearing Pro Ears for more than ten years. As a big game guide for more than 30 years, I make sure all my clients wear hearing protection, and Pro ears makes something for every situation. I tell them they may be a little more expensive but what is your hearing and comfort worth? I wear the Golds when I am shooting and a old pair of Ultras when working the ranch. They never fail me.”


7 reviews for Gold II 30

  1. Patrick Henry – Verified Purchase

    Super Hearing Protection
    At 30dB NRR these are the most protection I have found. I did not get the upgrade with the ear jack. Unexpectedly, Bluetooth ear plugs are as good as adding foam plugs as a second level of protection. Some have reviewed that they are cheaply built. While I do take issue withe the fragility of the headband, my old pair are 15+ years old and work fine. I have replaced the headband twice, but both times I dropped them indoors. I’ll be finding a suitable small case to place them in when not on my head. They might be too big to comfortably shoot a rifle, but my primary shooting is competition and practicing indoors. They won’t win a beauty contest, but I’ve tried others and none made me want to switch brands. Again, the headband could be stronger with possibly a metal, not plastic, rod to connect to. So do yourself a favor and buy a $20 replacement or keep a backup pair of some sort in the car.

  2. Robert Der – Verified Purchase

    Poor Quality!
    The Porsche Ears Gold II is pure junk. Production quality is poor. The plastic foam covering the batteries did not fit and was torn. The size of the head band only fits smaller size head. It did not fit an average size head. This model is no where near as good as my other Pro Ears units.

  3. Ravi B. – Verified Purchase

    Excellent NRR & Excellend comfort, Really low build quality
    Build quality is very low, poor finishing touches on things like in-ear foam to cover battery packs leather head squishy pad is not even glued down or connected the the band (it slides around). Super cheap plastic everything feels like I’m gonna break it in normal use. NRR is fantastic, excellent comfort. I expect some of the flex points and adjustment points to be metal or really durable and these ears are really missing it. For this price if it was HEADPHONES and not EAR PROTECTION the build quality would be much higher. I’ll wear them till they break and never order again.

  4. I-Beam – Verified Purchase

    Made in USA Ear Pro
    Works just like they say it does. Sure you can buy something made in China, but why?
    This is a buy once, cry once item. Support your local economy.
    If you’re using a rifle, get the smaller ones. For both, use ear plugs underneath. LIke Surefire. Not because these don’t work, because the decibels a rifle blast puts out is 160 plus.
    I got these for the microphone sound amplification that only lets in safe levels. (because the sound comes from the speakers.
    It’s nice to have directional capability. Sound is very natural and outstanding. You won’t get that capability with some of the ones made in China.

  5. Bob Williams

    The Gold II 30’s are the best set of range muffs I have every used. The NRR is a real 30, and that is without the use of plugs. The gel ear seals are a luxury-super comfortable. The technology is really fast in responsive to the range fire. and better yet Made in the USA and 5 year warranty. I have had mine for about 4 months and I use them every week and love them-great product. You get what you pay for.

  6. Capt Bob – Verified Purchase

    Pro Ears Gold II 30 are amazing!!
    The Pro Ears Gold II 30 are amazing!! I upgraded from the first generation Pro Ears and I can’t believe the improvement in quality as well as noise reduction. They are more comfortable and easier to hear and talk with fellow shooters. I am a competitive shooter and highly recommend the Pro Ears God II 30 to all levels of shooters!!

  7. Sue – Verified Purchase

    Awesome ear muffs – better than the old model. Definitely a recommend!
    Love these new ear muffs from Pro Ears. I like them a lot better than the old style gold model I have. They still have the 5 yr warrant and the new Gold II now use AAA batteries. NRR 30 too 👍What I like most are the new gel ear seals. These are the most comfortable muffs I’ve ever used. i spent several hours on the range and I don’t even feel like I’m wearing muffs. They also cost less than the older style gold model and are still made in the USA. Definitely a recommmend.

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