Pro Ears | Stealth 28


Pro Ears | Stealth 28

Pro Ears | Stealth 28


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The Pro Ears Stealth 28 weighs in at only 20 grams allowing for extended all-weather use, and the battery lasts 18 hours with a one-hour charging time. The great features of the stealth are the 5 times hearing amplification, sound compression technology, noise reducing wind cover over the microphone, and the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 28dB rated hearing protection. Pro Ears includes 3 incredibly soft ear bud sizes to fit any ear canal. What does this all mean for consumers? Pro Ears has created ultra-light hearing protection that is technologically advanced for all users, environments, and affordable.

Pro Ears Stealth 28 comes with proprietary temple hugging design for a secure, comfortable fit with amplification up to 5X and sound compression. Perfect for shooters, yard work, concerts and everyday wear when ear protection is needed.


  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 28dB
  • Attack (Response) Time 2.0ms
  • DLSC Technology
  • Rapid USB Rechargable Port
  • 5X Hearing Amplification
  • Noise Reducing Wind Cover
  • Incredibly Soft Ear Buds
  • Ultra-Lightweight for All Day Comfort
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Product Reviews

2 reviews for Pro Ears | Stealth 28

  1. Brian A

    I have been using mine for about a year now shooting trap and they are the best hearing protection I have ever used at the trap range. Love them!!

  2. Don Ravine

    I bought a pair of these a few months ago for hunting and have been generally pleased with them.

    Plusses: The apparatus stays on my head very well, even in difficult bush. Over-ear type protection would be useless in these situations. It isn’t heavy and I can wear it for hours without too much discomfort. Battery life is excellent and charge rate is quick. The earplugs themselves don’t cause much discomfort either. The sound quality is reasonable for the money. It is quite possible to wear these for a while and almost forget you are not listening to the “real” world. I am able to wear my hat without disturbing anything. The best thing is that the apparatus can dangle the earplugs right by your ears, so you can quickly have ear protection without having to fumble around, even if they aren’t turned on. Finally, these things are far more robust than they look.

    Negatives: The biggest downside is that the unit defaults to maximum volume when you turn it on. The speakers are VERY loud and unpleasant. This means you have to turn it on and then turn down the volume before you insert the earplugs -every single time! It’s not just the annoyance of that. It means they basically have to stay on all the time, when hunting, as there is no guarantee you will have time to faff if you spot a deer. That is far from ideal. The other slight gripe is that none of the three sizes of foam seem to fit very well. I can either jam the smallest size right it (it doesn’t feel right and slowly moves out) or use the largest one with less pressure but with a slight reduction in hearing protection. Either way, I can use my medium calibre firearm without problem, it’s just that I feel I could benefit more from a less crude design. Finally, there is a slight hiss in the speakers, not noticeable at the minimum volume (which is a little quieter than natural sound) but increasingly distracting at louder volumes. It means I keep taking them out for a better listen, which does defeat the purpose a bit!

    Overall, I’m glad I bought these things but will keep saving for something better (which will cost a great deal more).

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