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Stealth Elite

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TYPE: Compact size ear buds
COMPRESSION: Hi/Low DLSC Compression
WORKING TIME: 10 hours per charge
BLUETOOTH: CSR Bluetooth 5.0 – Range 10 m
CIRCUITS: Hybrid analog/digital circuits
WEIGHT: 28 grams
LANYARD: Durable, No-tangle Cloth lanyard
WARRANTY: 1-Year Warranty
AMPLIFICATION: 5X amplification level
ISOLATION: Noise isolation microphones
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Pro Ears : Stealth Elite


State-of-the-art hearing protection in compact ear bud form with a universal fit at an affordable price.
Increased awareness: Most ear buds block ambiemt noises, but the Stealth Elite Awareness settings allows noise to pass through, even when you are on the phone or listening to music. Awareness setting is great for cyclists, construction workers, and anyone who needs to be aware of their surroundings.
Isolation mode lets you immerse yourself in your music or to have complete peace and quite.
5X amplification lets you hear quieter sounds from a distance while still protecting your hearing against dangerously loud sounds.
An industry-first, the Stealth Elite incorporates miniature analog hybrid circuits for a more clear, natural sound compared to purely digital circuits.
Easy-to-use controls allow you to manage your music or phone calls directly from the lanyard
Take total control of what you hear. Independent ear buds give you total control, allowing you to adjust your settings for listening to what you want to hear.

Our Newest Innovation: The Stealth Elite

The Stealth Elite is a unique pair of electronic hearing protection earbuds with attachable Bluetooth lanyard. Each set of Stealth Elites come with two earbuds independently powered by your standard #10 battery, a rechargeable lanyard with Bluetooth capabilities that can connect to your earbuds to play music or talk on the phone, several sizes of foam ear tips to fit with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 28, and several sizes of silicone tips designed for staying in your ear during physical activities. 

What Makes The Stealth Elite Different? All of This Technology in One Tiny Package:

  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 28: Our electronic hearing protection compresses dangerously loud sounds for one of the top NRR ratings.
  • Water Resistant: Sweat-proof.
  • Amplification Mode: Let’s you hear faint sounds from a distance while protecting your ears from extremely loud sounds (5x amplification).
  • Awareness Mode: Allows ambient sounds to pass through even while you are listening to music or talking on the phone so you remain situationally aware.
  • Isolation Mode: Enjoy complete peace and quiet when you want to focus or recharge.
  • Wind Shield: Block the sound of wind when you are on-the-move or in a windy environment.
  • Clear, Natural Sound: Miniature analog hybrid circuits allow unparalleled sound. 

Pro Ears Stealth Elite Prototype (shown with and without Bluetooth 5 lanyard)

Pro Ears Stealth Elite Prototype (shown with and without Bluetooth 5 lanyard)

Hear What You Want to Hear…

Protecting our ears is essential if we want to hold onto our hearing for the rest of our life. Most hearing protection on the market today is either bulky, uncomfortable, or just doesn’t work nearly as well as it should. At Pro Ears, we believe that electronic hearing protection shouldn’t keep us from having fun or staying safe, it should give us the freedom to hear exactly what we want to hear. 

Everyone Needs Hearing Protection

While hearing protection is useful for the gun range or mowing your lawn, we realized that we hadn’t tapped into our technology’s full potential. Fueled by the challenge of innovation, we redesigned our traditional ear muffs from the ground up. Rather than making a product that only protects your hearing, we wanted to make a lightweight product that could play music, amplify your surroundings and still let you hear the conversation happening next to you. That’s why we’re excited to present to you our latest model yet: The Pro Ears Stealth Elite. 

Pro Ears Stealth Elite: 3 Products in 1- No Compromises

Pro Ears Stealth Elite: 3 Products in 1- No Compromises

Uses for Pro Ears Stealth Elite 

We’ve been developing this product prototype for over 2 years. As a seasoned company, we take research and development very seriously. We know our reputation depends upon it. And we take great pride in providing the highest quality hearing protection available on the market. The motivation behind creating the Stealth Elite was to create the a versatile hearing protection solution that would be compatible for nearly any environment or lifestyle.

Hear What You Want To Hear with Pro Ears Stealth Elite

Hear What You Want To Hear with Pro Ears Stealth Elite

Shooting / Hunting

Stealth Elite Isolation Mode

At the shooting range.

5 times amplification, with industry trusted hearing protection

5 times amplification, with industry trusted hearing protection

Biking / Running / Gym

Stealth Elite Awareness Mode

While biking, running or skiing.

Tested by runners and dancers to ensure secure in-ear fitment.

Tested by runners and dancers to ensure secure in-ear fitment.

Concerts / Sporting Events / Racetrack

Race Track Approved: Great for drivers and spectators

Yard Work / Construction / Tradesman

Easy to Use Controls: Manage the music or phone calls directly from the lanyard

Tested by tradesmen in loud environments.

Lightweight Without Sacrificing What’s On the Inside

Taking influence from some of our favorite behind-the-head headphones, we developed lightweight, waterproof earbuds with Bluetooth capabilities that produce high-fidelity sound quality, but also can act as hearing protection for dangerously loud environments. This small innovation can handle even the toughest of environments.

Pro Ears Stealth Elite: The Technology Inside

Water Resistant 

Is The Stealth Elite Waterproof?

We’ve design the Stealth Elite with all uses in mind. The water resistance testing on these means they can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water, but not water submersion. They’ll fully withstand heavy sweat from your workout or while you’re jogging or biking in the rain.  

3 Sound Settings, 0 Compromises: Isolation | Awareness | Amplification

Isolation, Awareness & Amplification Settings

Want to tune out the world so you can listen to music or your favorite podcast? Isolation mode gives you the ability to pay attention to what you want to listen to. Setting the Elites to Awareness mode allows external noises to enter through the ear bud, without interrupting whatever you’re listening to. Perfect for people who are cycling to work but still need to hear a car passing you from behind. If you’re the hunting type, then you’ll love our Amplification mode. By switching the ear buds to Amplification, you’ll be able to amplify quiet sounds up to three times their normal decibel.

By using miniaturized analog circuits and noise isolating microphones, the Stealth Elites comes with an incredible amount of features. With three modes of operation, the Stealth Elites are ready for whatever you want to listen to. 

What’s Included In The Package?

Package contents

Included with each pair of Pro Ears Stealth Elite:

  • 2x In Ear Buds
  • 1x Micro USB cable 
  • 4x #10 batteries
  • 1x MMCX Cable (Bluetooth lanyard cable, rechargeable with micro USB cable)
  • 3x Sets of super soft foam tips (L, M, S)
  • 3x Sets of Silicon tips (L, M, S)
  • 3x Sets of ear hooks for added secure fit
  • Durable carry case with gold Pro Ears logo

Some of our team in Grawn, Michigan (including our office guard dog)

Family-Run Small Business Needing to Scale Production

So why are we introducing our greatest product via Kickstarter? At Pro Ears, we are a small family-run business who primarily makes our products in-house. But in the last two years, we managed to partner with a world-class sourcing company with years of experience in bringing unique products to market. However, being as small as we are, we need your help to purchase the specialized tooling needed to bring our project to market, as well as be able to order the parts at a volume discount.

Our sound engineering partners assembling and testing the Stealth Elite prototype

Sound Engineer Partnerships

As you can see, we have the design and prototypes already finalized and ready for business. And our sourcing company is standing by us to help coordinate all stages of production and logistics. This not only ensures that you’ll get your Stealth Elites on time, but that you’ll receive the highest quality Stealth Elites we can possibly make.

Backed by our 1-Year Warranty

Already purchased?

View the instruction manual here: Pro Ears Stealth Elite Instruction Manual

Watch our Frequently Asked Questions YouTube playlist for the Pro Ears Stealth Elite below.


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Product Info
Stealth Elite - Lanyard attached

Stealth Elite

Pro Ears PEEBBLK Stealth 28 Black Main View Electronic Hearing Protection Amplification

Stealth 28

Price $159.99 $59.99
TYPE: Compact size ear buds
COMPRESSION: Hi/Low DLSC Compression
WORKING TIME: 10 hours per charge
BLUETOOTH: CSR Bluetooth 5.0 – Range 10 m
CIRCUITS: Hybrid analog/digital circuits
WEIGHT: 28 grams
LANYARD: Durable, No-tangle Cloth lanyard
WARRANTY: 1-Year Warranty
AMPLIFICATION: 5X amplification level
ISOLATION: Noise isolation microphones
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 28dB
  • Attack (Response) Time 2.0ms
  • DLSC Technology
  • Rapid USB Rechargeable Port
  • 5X Hearing Amplification
  • Noise Reducing Wind Cover
  • Incredibly Soft Ear Buds
  • Ultra-Lightweight for All Day Comfort
  • 1 Year Warranty
Availability In stock In stock
Weight - 1.25 oz
Dimensions N/A N/A

6 reviews for Stealth Elite

  1. Edward Ducote (verified owner)

    After recently buying and using a pair of the Pro Ears Predator Gold earmuffs, I saw the new Pro Ears Stealth Elite ear buds. These ear buds basically have the same functions as the ear muffs regarding sound technology except with a little higher NRR rating. Being satisfied with the Predator ear muffs, I decided to try the new Stealth ear buds. I wondered about having both styles of ear protection but found there are situations where both can be very useful. Obviously the ear muffs take up more room on your head but are quicker to put on and don’t pose uncomfortableness in the ear canal. If there exists an issue of the muffs being “in the way” of whatever I’m doing, I can simply use the Stealth ear buds to alleviate that. Also, in hot weather I find the ear buds can’t cause sweating in and around the ear. So, I do find where each unit has its place in my style of outdoor activities which are shooting and hunting.
    When I received the new Stealth Elite earbuds, I first tried the foam ear pieces. For me, the foam expansion to seal the ear became a bit uncomfortable over time and proved a little more time consuming to install. So, on the next outing I tried the clear ear tips and was able to install them almost instantly, plus they didn’t cause much if any ear canal fatigue over time. I suppose each person has to find what works best for them at the given time and activity.
    The sound technology of the Stealth Elite ear buds works the way the ear muffs do. There are basically three positions or modes you can dial in. The first mode is simply sound blocking or passive plugging of the ear canal in the case that you’d want everything to be quiet. The second mode is where low amplification of ambient sound is acquired while maintaining loud sound compression. The third mode is where higher amplification of ambient sound is acquired while maintaining loud sound compression. All these modes are accessed by the small switch on the ear buds. And like the Predator muffs technology, each ear can be tuned to independent settings. I personally enjoy the individual ear bud adjustments because I have more hearing loss in my left ear as compared to might right ear. So, setting my left ear bud on the higher setting (mode three) and the right ear bud on the lower setting (mode two), I am able to balance the ambient sounds I hear without compromising loud sound compression. This is how the Predator muffs individual controls work also and it is great technology.
    After shooting several hundreds rounds in my 12 gauge, I found the Stealth Elite ear buds to be very worthy of top-notch ear protection while maintaining ambient situational awareness. I recently joined a shooting range which is located in a rural area and is somewhat cluttered with small trees and brush between each range station. Having the ear buds on amplification mode while shooting, I heard a sound I hadn’t heard much before. It was the sound of a vehicle rolling on dirt. To my surprise I looked around to see a truck pulling up behind me. I now no longer have to be concerned with someone sneaking up behind me or going to great lengths to get my attention. All while maintaining truly world class safe db sound compression. You can’t beat that with a stick!
    So, the Stealth Elite ear buds with loud sound compression and ambient sound amplification are a marvel in technology and usefulness. The small switches to turn them on/off while wearing them have a good enough detent to where you can switch between the three modes quite easily. I did it even while wearing shooting gloves, even though at first, I doubted I could. For such a small unit, they are very ergonomically designed.
    The Stealth Elite ear buds come with a rechargeable “Bluetooth lanyard”. I charged the lanyard and paired it with my cell phone. Then I asked my wife to call me and with one tap on the button I received the call. The fidelity of the ear bud speakers are incredibly clear. I also turned my song playlist on and was very impressed by the sound quality. I don’t always require using the Bluetooth lanyard, but when I do, I am extremely confident of its ability to operate flawlessly and with great fidelity. These ear buds are solidly built units with quality materials.
    So, the bottom line for me is this. The Stealth Elite ear buds are, and do, everything they are designed and advertised to do, and in great fashion. The loud sound compression is outstanding and the ambient sound amplification is a clear necessity for situational awareness.
    So, do I recommend the new Stealth Elite ear buds: You bet I do! Even if you have a set of Pro Ears muffs. They both have their well-deserved and respective places in the shooting/hunting arenas.
    I am a verified purchaser of the new Stealth Elite ear buds with Bluetooth lanyard and have not been solicited in any way to write this review…..Get you some, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Trevor J.

    Just received 2 pairs of Stealth Elite for my wife and I, and wow! Exceeded my expectations since this is a new product.. They work great. I highly recommend,

  3. alitke15

    Electronic in ear hearing protection that lasts all week on one set of batteries, doesn’t have any cords (unless you decided to use the bluetooth, 3 different audio settings (off, low, high), comes with a good carrying case and additional ear plug options, and has a bluetooth option for $150! Show me another company doing this and has a quality product, I’ll wait while you try and find what doesn’t exist. I have personally tried 3 different companies options for wireless in ear electronic hearing protection in the past 3 years with prices ranging from $300-$500. Two of the “main stream” options failed in less than 12 months and the companies would not warranty them and the third option had such bad audio that I simply stopped using them. The Stealth Elite’s are the new go to for shooters, hunters, and even simply those that want a bluetooth audio option. I have now used these in 4 major shooting matches without issue or concern. I am classifying a match shooting match as 200+ people with at least one day of full shooting if not two and generally 500+ rounds of fire for the match. The Stealth Elite have stood up to the abuse and with a company like ProEars backing it up with their unparalleled quality I don’t see a reason to buy anything else if you are in the market for quality hearing protection….well at least until the generation 2 comes out.

    As a side note – the bluetooth being removable is a stroke of genius. When I am shooting I have no need for the bluetooth dongle at all but when I am mowing, weed eating, or doing yard work it is great to have as an option while still protecting my hearing.

  4. dougv

    Can’t go wrong with Stealth Elites, I am in ranges weekly as part of my job and love not having to carry bulky over the ear muffs, when going in and out. Have the over ear Ultras I have owned for 10yrs and these are just as good of quality. Like the first reviewer Edward Ducote noted, both the over the ear and in the ear have their place. I use the over the ear if I will be around short barreled rifles indoors and the in the ear Stealth Elites for most anything else. Doug VanderWoude

  5. oyoungj

    I have been a satisfied customer & user of ProEars/Altus Brands products for many years (ProEars Gold & Silver22 muffs, ProFit plugs & Stealth 28 headband.) Every one of their products has given me great service and their track record gives me great confidence that this one will, as well.

    The ProEars Stealth Elite is a very well designed & functional product. It includes all of the little extras needed to make it comfortable & easy to use. A customized, individual, functional fit is accomplished by choosing from the multiple sizes of provided ear hook loops and 2 types of ear tips (foam for hearing protection & isolation, silicon for clarity while listening to media or phone conversations.) 2 sets of batteries are included for the earbuds as well as a USB C cable for charging the Bluetooth unit. To keep everything conveniently together & organized, there is a lanyard and a compact hard storage case.

    After I dialed in my fit, loaded the batteries & connected the Bluetooth unit, I easily paired it to my cellphone & brought up some YouTube music videos. WOW, the sound was incredibly (ProEars quality) clear & crisp. Fortuitously, while watching the video, I received a phone call and hit the answer button on the Bluetooth unit. The quality of the conversation was excellent and the volume was easily controlled with the buttons on the Bluetooth unit. The caller remarked that it was so much clearer that my usual Bluetooth headset and without the echo & feedback that was usually present from it.

    The features and sound quality of the ProEars Stealth Elite are well worth the price of admission and I’m totally sold on it. And this is even before I take it to the shooting range. It is truly a multi-functional product that will find equal use at home, while traveling and of course, on the shooting range.

    Congratulations ProEars, you’ve added yet another great product to your stellar lineup!

  6. bigjacs22

    Excellent product. Low Profile and great for any outdoor activities. The option to use the bluetooth tether and make them headphones is a super awesome feature. Having different modes for the ear protection stand point is such a benefit. I can now hunt with friends and have a conversation while still wearing ear protection. 5 stars.

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