Over Ear Hearing Protection




What is Over-the-Ear Hearing Protection?

Over-the-ear hearing protection is a type of hearing protection that covers the entire ear to block out ambient noise and protect from loud noises. Over-the-ear hearing protection can be passive, meaning it simply blocks out noise, or it can be electronic hearing protection, meaning it uses technology to amplify low level noises while simultaneously protecting from loud environments or impulse sounds.

Over-the-ear headphones have several benefits over other types of hearing protection. They offer superior noise reduction, making them ideal for use in noisy environments. They can also be more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, since they don’t have to be inserted into the ear canal like earplugs or earbuds.

Passive vs. Electronic

Unlike other hearing protectors, Pro Ears has dynamic level sound compression technology for maximum protection without sacrificing situational awareness. This technology works by reducing noises over a certain decibel level. Our electronic earmuff headphones are equipped with omnidirectional mics so you can have the best situational awareness regardless of where you are. Pro Ears models also have dual circuit boards so you can have separate volume control for each ear.

Passive Hearing Protection

Passive headphones and earmuffs both provide over-the-ear hearing protection. Passive headphones & earmuffs are designed to block out noise by creating a seal around the ear. They do not rely on electronic technology.

Electronic Hearing Protection

Electronic hearing protection is a type of hearing protection device that uses electronic technology to protect the ears from loud noises while allowing the wearer to hear sounds at a safe volume. These devices work by amplifying low-level sounds, such as speech and ambient noise, while compressing or blocking out high-level sounds, such as gunshots, explosions, or loud machinery.

Electronic hearing protection typically consists of ear cups or earplugs that are equipped with microphones, speakers, and electronic circuitry. The microphones pick up external sounds and amplify them, while the circuitry analyzes the sound level and adjusts the volume in real-time to protect the user’s hearing.

Uses for Headphone Ear Protection

Headphone hearing protection is a form of personal protective equipment (PPE) and is useful in a variety of situations, including:

  • Industrial work settings, like construction sites, where noise levels can be very high
  • Recreational activities, such as shooting or hunting, where loud noise can occur unexpectedly
  • Using machinery that produces high levels of noise, like a lawn mower or weed whacker
  • Concerts or another high noise environment
  • People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • MRI protection earmuffs

Over-the-ear hearing protection can be an effective way to protect your ears from loud noise. Whether you choose passive or electronic earmuffs, it’s important to choose the right type & ensure a proper fit for maximum noise reduction. In order to avoid noise-induced hearing loss, make sure you wear quality hearing protectors like our earmuff headphones.

Types and Shapes of Ear Cups and Seals

Ear cups and seals come in different shapes and sizes to fit different head sizes and shapes. Some ear cups and seals are designed to be replaceable, which is helpful if they become worn or damaged over time. It’s important to choose ear pads and cups that fit snugly against your head to ensure proper noise reduction and comfort.

Pro Ears has headphone cups and ear cushions in a range of shapes, materials and sizes to optimize fit and maximize comfort.  Shapes  rectangular and oval. The sizes vary from thinner cups, chap side like the stalker, and thicker cups for very loud environments  We have a selection of ear cushions including viscoelastic foams with soft leatherette covers and super comfortable gel ear seals as well as seals designed specifically for children Find what shape ear pads are best for you with our selection guides.

Why Pro Ears Over the Ear Hearing Protection?

Pro Ears is earmuff headphones made in the USA. We carry a range of ear muffs with a noise reduction rating from 22 to 30 for maximum protection. We have the best audio quality in hearing protection on the market. While we have long supported the gun enthusiast and hunting market, our over the ear protection devices can benefit a wide range of people and use cases including anyone with Autism Spectrum Disorder, MRI hearing protection or even when mowing your lawn or working out. Any high level noise exposure can lead to long-term damage or even overstimulation. Protect your hearing with Pro Ears.

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