Silver 22

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  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 22dB
  • Attack (Response) Time 1.5ms
  • Weighs only 12oz
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Dynamic Level Sound Compression (DLSC™) Technology
  • Automatic and Programmable Gain Control
  • Premium Quality Gold Connectors
  • Dynamic Sound Range
  • Proprietary Gel Ear Seals
  • Adjustable, Padded Headband
  • Convenient Folding Design for Easy Storage

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The Pro Ears Silver 22 have a slimmer design with a padded base; if you are a rifle or shotgun shooter their padded design will rest on your rifle stock and not the shell of the ear cup where scratching can occur. The Silver 22 has the same technologies as the top-of-the-line Pro Ears models with DLSC™ military-grade  circuit boards, 8-bit Micro-Processor and a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22dB. The most significant change is built around comfort and quality. The Pro Ears Silver 22 amplifies sound 5x and protects your hearing to a safe 22dB, super sensitive stereo microphones are strategically located for incredible 360-degree situation awareness.  Requires 2 AAA Batteries, not included.

Click here to view our Electronic Over-Ear Comparison Chart

Click here to view our Hearing Protection Selection Guide

Pro Ears Silver 22 Manual & Warranty Information

5 reviews for Silver 22

  1. Robert Kunkle – Verified Purchase

    Buy them, and be happy! 🙂👍🏼
    These things are kick ass! The range I go to to shoot at is a State Park facility, and there are always large caliber firearms, and semi-automatic weapons, which needless to say have a very loud report when fired! With these headphones you can hear what everyone is saying, but when shots are fired, the report is silenced! And immediately thereafter you can hear voices, and background noise again. It really is amazing how quick these are to react! I know they are expensive, but do yourself, and your ears a favor and just buy them! You will be glad you did! 🙂👍🏼

  2. Mark Borelli – Verified Purchase

    5 stars.
    These ear muffs provide an incredible ability for independent volume control. They eliminate the sound you don’t want to hear and really help you hear the sound you do want to hear. They greatly enhance your situational awareness while simultaneously protecting your hearing from loud noises. They have gel ear seals and viscos-elastic foam padded, with easily adjustable headbands to enhance comfort. Along with offering ear protection for hunting and shooting, these ear muffs have a wide range of applications including everything from construction and yard work to sports events, concerts, fireworks, travel and so much more. Made by a veteran-owned business, I would definitely recommend to friends and buy again.

  3. mflorant – Verified Purchase

    The Good and Bad…
    the good is that they are very comfortable…the bad is that noise reduction is horrible. I don’t know if mine are defective but the electronic reduction does not work at all like my Walkers Razors.

  4. Les Sage

    Thanks for the great product. I bought these silver 22 at the gun show a month ago and they are better than any other product i have bought over the years and is really enjoying them. Thank you for the great hearing protectors!

  5. John Stanton

    I have been using different hearing protection form Pro Ears for many years, and these are my favorite. They fit perfectly, have soft and comfortable Gel Ear seals, external;l loaded AAA batteries and loved the quality electronics. The headband is snug and fits well too. This is a really good economical yet excellent quality ear muff and I highly recommend them. The only negative is that they have a 3 year warranty, unlike other Pro Ears models with a 5 year warranty.

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