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  • The Pro Ears Ultra Pro advantage is the great comfort, noise attenuation and quality
  • The super comfortable Pro Form leather ear cushions and the padded and adjustable headband make all day use a breeze
  • Ultra Pro’s are ideal for indoor and outdoor range use
  • The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 30
  • One (1) Year Warranty
  •  Made in the USA

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The Pro Ears Ultra Pro hearing protection ear muff advantages are the superior comfort, quality and performance. Ultra Pro ear muffs have an NRR of 30, are very comfortable and stylish. They are ideal for range use, indoor or outdoors, for small and large caliber handguns and pistols. If you are an active shooter who wants maximum protection, the Pro Ears Ultra Pro model is perfect.

9 reviews for Ultra Pro Passive

  1. Tasmica – Verified Purchaser (verified owner)

    Replacement for older Pro Ears Ultra 33
    Color: Green
    I’ve used three Pro Ears Ultra 33 hearing protection units for a long time, probably 10 years or more. Anyway, the cushioning seal on all of the have cracked. While the hearing protection is still decent, I thought it would be good to replacement them all. And I was right. Even though the new units are graded at 30, not 33 decibel protection, they are an improvement to the older models in their current condition. Significantly better. Whether I am running loud shop equipment (table saw, router, planer, etc.) or outside field/lawn equipment (field and lawn mowers, weed trimmer, etc.), the difference is noticeable. Very happy with the change.

  2. Wanderer – Verified Purchase (verified owner)

    Top Quality, Made in USA hearing protection!
    Color: Black
    I had been looking for some upgraded hearing protection for the shop and had been disappointed in most of what I came across for the most part. The vast majority of offerings either didn’t have the level of protection I wanted (NRR 30+) and all were imported from across the Pacific.

    As luck would have it, I stumbled on the Pro Ears brand and these particular Ultra Pro earmuffs. Not only are they great looking and well built, with the protection I was looking for, but they are 100% Made in USA. Yes, for the curious, it literally says this on the package, it is not supposition on my part. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not an ultra-nationalist when it comes to tools and equipment for the shop, but I do have a soft spot for domestic manufacturing.

    The product itself is beautiful to look at, extremely well made and built to last. Having had them in hand, they absolutely have that quality feel/heft to them, and there’s nothing at all that screams “cheap” on these bad boys. They look as good as they function, and for my average size noggin, they fit supremely well and comfortable as you could ever ask for. Best of all, no batteries, no electronics, no hardware and nothing to fail on you at the worst possible time. Just a rock solid, good looking, well fitting, American-made pair of earmuffs. What more can you ask for?

    I absolutely love these earmuffs, and my only regret is not finding them sooner. I like them enough that I am already planning to buy another pair as a gift for someone else. I cannot recommend them enough, and I highly encourage anyone on the fence to give these a try.

  3. DJ – Verified Purchaser (verified owner)

    They’re Good
    Color: Green
    These get the job done for sure, they are a little tight which I’m surprised because I have a small head but they’re starting to stretch out after I’ve worn them a couple of times now! they work great for blocking out sound and I love the army green color, but I do have to say they are extremely large looking but no one’s watching me cut the grass anyway so a fashion statement is not what I’m looking for, I just need them to work which they do!! Also made in the USA 🇺🇸

  4. Ed – Verified Purchaser (verified owner)

    Broke 2 rather quickly
    Color: Black
    I hate to give a USA made item a low score but these are not made to hold up. I broke 2 pair rather quickly. They break at the bracket which holds the muffs on. They cut out a tremendous amount of noise. Comfortable on the ears but are rather bulky and awkward. Improve the connection on the muff and trim the size down a but and they get 5 stars easily.

  5. DMH – Verfied Purchaser (verified owner)

    Very comfortable over safety glasses
    Color: Black
    The Pro Ears – Ultra Pro – Hearing Protection – NRR 30, are a good bargain. They are bulky, as many reviewers have stated, however the comfort level when worn over safety glasses, and the NRR rating far outweigh any negative effects of bulkiness. For pistol shooting, these will be my go to ear protection. I will be able to wear these all day. However, when shooting long guns, I will still resort back to my slim ear muffs from another manufacturer and spend less time on the range due to the lack of comfort. Thank you Pro Ears!

  6. Barrett

    When I wear these, I can hear the sound of my breathing, my heartbeat, and the blood flowing through the veins in my ears. It’s unsettling, but that’s how you know hearing protection works. It’s comfortable, adjustable, and built sturdy enough that it doesn’t feel like it will fall apart just by looking at it funny. It could probably take quite a bit of abuse or long-term wear and tear.

  7. Kelsey – Verified Purchaser (verified owner)

    The Silence is Deafening
    Color: Black
    Amazing. I got these for my significant other. He goes to the gun range about once a month and these are significantly better than the headset he has. I love this set because of its independence from batteries and being able to use in any situation and not relying on charging or extra batteries. The set is extremely comfy and fit nicely around the head. The muffs are large but they aren’t causing any issues or weight too much. All in all, worth it especially to save my boyfriend’s hearing when out on the gun range.

  8. Todd – Verified Purchaser (verified owner)

    Pretty good option, comfy, not great for really small head sizes
    Color: Black
    Good unit, pretty comfy. I tried 3 models at the range on the same day, this one the 3M Peltor X-series, and the Walker EXT’s. The Walker’s had an odd “drum” echo in them, the Pro Ears were comfy, but the 3M Peltor X-series were the best at reducing the noise on the indoor range, even though the Walker’s are rated 3db higher, and they were very comfy long term.

  9. Gary Warner – Verified Purchaser (verified owner)

    I am SO glad I did not
    Color: Green
    I’ve owned these for a couple months now. Literally, use these for 8+ hours a day, 7 days a week. I work in very noisy environments.
    When I initially got these ear muffs, I almost returned them – based solely on how they looked… they’re bigger than other comparably rated NRR rated, over the ear muffs.
    But let me tell you, I am SO glad I did not. The foam that is around the ear is amazing comfortable and very sturdy. The headband cushion is also thick and comfortable – it is not really wide like the Howard Leights or Optime models. As far as noise reduction, there is no issue here. It does not mute the world, but it does eliminate the higher frequencies and louder noises from driving you crazy.
    My only gripe on this set is the pivot where the muff bracket attaches to the head band. The joint is pretty lose and allows the muff to rotate all the way up. This is not a manufacture defect, but something that’s been developed from wearing them for long periods of time.

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