Audiomorphic Ear Plug



AudiomorphicTM plugs are engineered to disrupt harmful sound waves when it’s loud, but allow minimal sound blockage when quiet.

  • 30% better situational awareness than a standard passive earplug
  • The louder it gets, the more sound that is blocked
  • The quieter it gets, the more sound that is allowed through
  • Made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic TPE for all-day comfort & wear
  • For hygienic reasons, this item is non-returnable and non-refundable.

Kit includes: Ear Plugs (set) / Removeable lanyard / Carry case
* The removeable lanyard is made from silicone to stretch and flex for your comfort and secure wear.

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NEW AudiomorphicTM Earplug

Protect your ears without sacrificing Communications!  The louder it gets the more sound they block.

  • Best in class IPIL 41 dB attenuation at 160 dB impact sound level – best protection for gunshot
  • Lowest NRR tested at 95 dB (12 dB) – allows clear communication in moderate noise
  • Only 5 dB blocked at 70 dB – hear a whisper when it is quiet
  • Best situational awareness – localization of 17 degrees




More Information

Most ear plugs have linear attenuation, meaning, they block the same amount of sound no matter how loud your environment. This is good when it is loud but not good if you want to hear something when it is quieter. If you want to hear game when in the woods or talk to your shooting buddy when at the range you either have to shout or take out your ear plugs when wearing a traditional ear plug.

The Audiomorphic earplug has nonlinear attenuation. They block very little sound when it is quiet and, block more sound as it gets louder. You never need to remove your earplugs to hear the quieter sounds and you stay protected as it gets louder. The AudiomorphicTM ear plug was developed under contract from DARPA (the same folks that funded the development of the internet) to allow US Army field artillerymen to be able to communicate and stay protected without wearing electronic hearing protectors.

Because the level of sound blocked continuously increases as the sound increases from 70 dB to 170 dB, the amount blocked from 120 dB to 140 dB is less than a traditional earplug and things will be louder. As you get up to 150 dB and more they actually block equal or more than most standard ear plugs.


The Audiomorphic earplug looks similar to many triple flange earplugs. What sets them apart is the precisely designed micro-orifice in a very specific thickness plate leading into a resonance chamber of a specific diameter. These design features limit and disrupt increasing amounts of a sound wave as the wave amplitude increases.

There are other designs that use these physical principals of sound attenuation but none achieve the low level of NRR, High IPIL and level of localization of the Audiomorphic earplug.

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