Ultra Sleek Passive

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  • The Pro Ears Ultra Sleek advantage is the great comfort, noise attenuation and quality
  • The super comfortable Pro Form leather ear cushions and the padded and adjustable headband make all day use a breeze
  • Ideal for long gun and indoor and outdoor range use
  • The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 26
  • One (1) Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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The Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Passive hearing protection ear muffs’ advantage is the superior comfort, quality and performance. This ear muff is ideal for long gun and shotgun use;  the contoured ear cups allowing interference free shouldering of your firearm.

10 reviews for Ultra Sleek Passive

  1. Daniel M – Verified Purchase (verified owner)

    Made in USA!
    Color: Black
    Great ear protection, I wear them with foam ear protectors underneath at the range. They are also made in USA which I think is important!

  2. Lisa – Verified Purchase (verified owner)

    Fits great
    Color: Skulls
    You can still hear things just not that loud.

  3. James D Provo – Verified Purchase (verified owner)

    False Advertising
    Color: Skulls
    I don’t like leaving 1 star reviews, but in this case I do. I merely didn’t get what I paid for. Got these pictured ones, and not the ones shown. If I can I’m sending these back.

  4. Amazon Customer – Verified Purchase (verified owner)

    Didn’t get the corrected ones pictured
    Color: Skulls
    they work pretty good, just really disappointed because I bought these as a gift for someone and they did not arrive like the ones in the picture. they were supposed to look like the skulls in the picture and instead it was a different design. it was more along the lines of sugar skulls, which looks more feminine. and they were for my boyfriend. so I was pretty embarrassed when he opened them and had used them when they look like they are for a girl. I would return if I could but he lives in another state and im not going through the hassle and money it would take to have him send them to me then me return him. not worth the money.

  5. John Carter

    Have been using the ultra sleek for 6 months now and love them. I can use them inside the range or outside for skeet. Very comfortable ear cushions. NRR is strong at 26 and mine are lime green so I know which pair is mine!

  6. SKooPS – Verified Purchase (verified owner)

    If you expect cool skulls, buy something else
    These sure as heck aren’t the skulls I thought I was getting… not to mention prime delivery took 5 days, so now I don’t have time to exchange before my weekend monster truck event with my daughter…unless, of course, amazon or pro-ears will step up for a long-time customer of both and overnight a replacement pair.

  7. Pen Name – Verified Purchase (verified owner)

    Five Stars

  8. P.M – Verified Purchase (verified owner)

    Color: Typhon
    Great hearing protection

  9. Butch – Verified Purchase (verified owner)

    Feels ultra great on the ears
    Color: Black
    Very good set of earmuffs. Feels great on the ears, and totally covered mine. They fit just about any size, being the headband is very adjustable. They are not different from the regular Ultras,only that they don’t have a scallop cut on top of the muff. As i said before, you ought to go out and but you a pair. I was getting the feel for them earlier and fell asleep in them, for about two hours. THAT’S COMFORT!

  10. Karl – Verified Purchase (verified owner)

    Finally muffs for my 2X head!
    Color: Black
    Forever men with large heads have had to deal with discrimination, trying their best to fit into muffs simply not made for them. Pro Ears is just what my big head needs. They have plenty of extra room, while other muffs just barely fit, obviously not being made with my head in mind.

    I’ve been using Pro Ears Ultra 33 for handgunning since 2009 and they work great. But I recently got an AR-15 and those huge muffs whack into the stock making them useless. These muffs combine the excellent sound protection I’ve come to expect from Pro Ears into a low-profile package that works with long guns. If you have a big head & long gun, I think you’ll love these muffs as much as I do.

    On a side note, they’re made in the USA. They’re not the cheapest muffs around and if you have an average head you don’t need them, but if you’ve got a big head and are frustrated by tiny muffs that just don’t fit you these are the muffs you want.

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