ReVO Youth Passive Models

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  • Weighs 7.1 oz
  • Suitable for a moderate noise environment, at the range, hunting, rock concerts or race track
  • ReVO NRR 25 ear muffs are designed from the ground up to fit smaller heads and ears
  • Rugged construction, an adjustable headband, and super-sized Proform leather ear cushions make them very comfortable
  • Smaller interior circumference ear seal for a better fit on smaller ears
  • Tighter radius headband for smaller heads make perfect fit
  • The ReVO advantage is a great comfort and noise attenuation designed for a proper fit for youth and smaller adult heads
  • One year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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Pro Ears ReVO™ passive earmuffs were designed from the ground up for smaller heads and ears. The ReVO contain the all of the same features you expect from Pro Ears hearing protection, but they provide a snugger fit for children and smaller adults-this means better hearing protection. The ear pads are specially shaped to eliminate gaps in the seal around the ear near the jawline on smaller heads. Children of all ages can benefit from the complete hearing protection these ear muffs provide, and you can be safe in the knowledge that their ears are protected no matter what.

14 reviews for ReVO Youth Passive Models

  1. Jennifer S. – Verified Purchaser

    Tight fitting
    Color: Neon Pink
    Good for kids probably. Pair I ordered was very tight and within minutes of wearing was getting headache. Co workers tried on and found too tight as well. Sent product back for refund

  2. La K – Verified Purchaser

    The First Pair Lasted 10 Years
    Color: Pink Rain
    We bought a pair of these for our autistic daughter when she was three years old to help her filter out noises that bothered her. The package said they would fit ages 3-13. That was no lie. Our daugher is 14 now and the headphones still fit her but the interior foam started to deteriorate. I am ok with that because she got tons of use out of them. We just ordered another pair to replace them and they are perfect.

  3. Hawkeyefanjustin – Verified Purchaser

    Color: Neon Green
    We bought these to protect our children’s (2&5) hearing when we took them to a monster truck show in an indoor area. They fit well and were comfortable enough that the kids didn’t fuss with them during the show. Some parts of the show were exceeding load and one truck Rampage had exhaust pipes that swept up and it hurt my ears with foam plugs in but the kids were fine. They loved the colors (pink and green) and we have used them since in the garage if they are watching me grind or cut steel. I recommend them

  4. J.M.H. – Verified Purchaser

    Great ear phones, but Amazon has some old stock of Neon Pink that doesn’t match pic
    Color: Neon Pink
    I use these earphones for my daughter whom has severe autism, as they help her to filter out sounds yet still allow her to hear. They really do help to prevent a sensory meltdown. However, I reordered the exact same neon pink in December 2018 that I had ordered in 2012. My previous pair finally snapped while I was adjusting the size, but as they were 6 years old…that’s not bad….however I wanted the same neon pink I had before and as the photo on Amazon hasn’t changed I assume I was getting the same thing. What arrived though was an unattractive (loud looking) coral red color that we did not like. The box arrived unsealed even. I wasn’t sure if this was a new version of the neon pink or an error so I decided to contact the manufacturer directly. Apparently, Amazon has some very old stock as this coral like color predates even our last pair which is 6 years old….so it’s older than that. So, customer service at the manufacturer is allowing me to swap out the coral like one I received from Amazon with the manufacturer directly. They sent me via email a prepaid label to return it to them. They are also sending me a replacement headband for my old pair that snapped as it’s easy to swap put, so that we can keep it too as a back up pair. Excellent customer service as I was afraid to reorder from Amazon and get the same ugly coral.

  5. Yeti2 – Verified Purchaser

    Very good product and reduce well the noise
    Color: Neon Green
    Very good product for a kids and adult because you can extend it. Nice color and résistant plastic. Rédige the noise very well

  6. Zen Master – Verified Purchaser

    PERFECT for kid w/sensory issues!
    Color: Neon Green
    I did a good amount of research on hearing protection for our lil Liam (3yr old, Williams Syndrome) due to his significant sensory issues. We really wanted him to be able to enjoy his first firework’s show, but he absolutely hates having anything on his head, face, etc. The Pro Ears ReVO Hearing Protection were PERFECT!!! Not only did Liam tolerate wearing them, he actually seemed to enjoy having them on. The padding is very nice both on the ear cups as well as the headband. Liam has a smallish head for a typical 3yr old and these fit perfectly with no issues. I highly recommend these for anyone with kids that have sensory issues.

  7. Kate’s Music – Verified Purchaser

    Can You Hear Me Now – Afraid So!
    Bought these to use at our school for a student having autism and needs to filter sound. Had them less than 3 months and they were treated gently. Ear piece snapped off today – no longer returnable (3 month window closed). I have purchased a blue pair too. I will certainly not buy these ones again. Would be great if the vendor reads this review and sends us a new pair.

  8. Sarah GL – Verified Purchaser

    I would recommend these to any parent of a small child worried …
    Color: Neon Pink
    We bought these well over a year ago for my daughter to wear at the motorcycle track. She was under 2 when we first got them. I did have to stretch the band a bit because they were so tight against her ears but after that she LOVES wearing them. She wears them while my husband is mowing, blowing leaves or working on any loud project in the garage.
    She’s now 2 1/2 and still loves wearing them.
    I would recommend these to any parent of a small child worried about protecting their hearing. They will adjust and fit her for many years to come.

  9. Cindy – Verified Purchaser

    They look cute too and are comfortable to wear
    Bought these for my 7 year old daughter for school. She complained of getting too distracted by friends in her Montessori classroom during their long work period. These do the trick in cutting out enough noise for her to concentrate, but still be able to hear instructions etc. They look cute too and are comfortable to wear. She is one happy schoolgirl.

  10. Lori Mitchell – Verified Purchaser

    Super fast shipping!
    Color: Skulls
    my son loves them. He has broke 2 pair just by dropping them. Too expensive to keep replacing 🙁 we will search for a less breakable brand

  11. Noctaire – Verfied Purchaser

    Exactly what we needed for our 7 year old at the range.
    Color: Blue Rain
    We are a shooting family, kids and adults. My youngest (7 years old) has been shooting for a couple of years, so I picked him up a set of electronic ear muffs. They’re great for adults, but just a tad too big for a child. Mao I went on the hunt for better hearing protection for the little guys and came across this set.

    To give you an idea of what it was like with the larger set – he’d start complaining the moment someone with a hand cannon or rifle started shooting. With these, he can stay on the range for 45 minutes or more, no problems. He shoots his 22 pistols and rifles while others are shooting 9mm, 45, 308, and more…no issues. Last time I had him at our local indoor range, he was out with the group for 90 minutes before he decided he wanted to get away for a bit and let his ears dry up (any earmuff makes you sweat after a while).

    The fit is the key here – these are smaller and more suitable for little heads/ears. They fit snugly, no gaps, and although they lack the mic of an electronic set, he can still hear my voice reasonably well (I just speak up).

    As I mentioned, these are passive, not apelectronic, so keep that in mind. That said, they were exactly what we needed and I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase. BTW, I spent a lot of time researching these (they were for my son, after all) and many of the reviews I saw said these are a good buy for smaller women as well.

  12. Lauren – Verified Purchaser

    Protect those tiny ears!
    Color: Blue Diamond Plate
    I took my 8 month old to Laguna Seca for his first race day and wanted to protect his hearing. I put theses on when we first got to the track and he wore them all day with no complaints. There was quite a bit going on and I think reducing the input of information kept him from being overwhelmed in such a busy environment. They worked well enough that I stood at the “corkscrew” mid race and was able to rock him to sleep. The adjustment looks big enough that these will fit him for years.

  13. The Mom – Verfied Purchaser

    Beware of color choice
    FYI even though the color “grey cosmic” shows a photo of zebra print muffs, they are not zebra print when you receive them.
    I purchased these to use on a flight in a cargo plane, while I have not used them for that purpose yet, I did try them on and wear them around for about an hour. They fit very snug, but not uncomfortable. The sound was pleasantly dulled to assist with very loud noises, but still enabled me to hear average conversation when I tried.
    Value: these are not the cheapest muffs period. I am not well versed in the quality and functionality of other models so I cannot compare them to anything else, but these were a little pricey and don’t feel like extremely good quality. They are light weight plastic which could be a good thing if you don’t want something heavy on your head, but it also tells me they may not be as durable as I’d like. The part on the top of your head has a vinyl type cover that is not fitted tightly so it may snag and tear at some point.
    Over all, I think these will function for my purpose. I don’t see any reason not to buy these muffs other than the price tag, so if you’ve got the cash I’d say go ahead and get these.

  14. Michael Bee – Verfied Purchaser

    Works great and really helped us
    Color: Neon Pink
    My five year old daughter is Autistic and is hypersensitive to loud and sudden sounds. We bought the ReVO ear protection to help her acclimate to situations where loud noise frequently occurs. In this case, it was a trip to the circus with a large group of friends. She was excited to try them on, and did really well through the entire performance. The muffs did their job, and helped her spend a day out that would have otherwise been very challenging for her. They fit snug, but not uncomfortably tight, and she had no problem keeping them on for an extended period. The bright color makes them fun, and they adjust well for different sized heads, even down to small children. Thumbs up!

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