Ultra Gel 29

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  • Weighs 11.2 oz
  • The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 29
  • Comes with Aviator Gel Ear Seals for ultra-comfort.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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The Pro Ears Ultra Gel series are our answer to uncomfortable hearing protection. Designed with our customized polyurethane Aviator Gel Ear seals, the Ultra Gel series provides the ultimate comfort, letting you wear your safety ear muffs all day. The Ultra Gel 29 is our largest of the ultra gel series and is perfect for protecting your ears against loud to extremely loud noise environments. Designed for a higher noise reduction rating while still being light in weight, the Ultra Gel 29 is constructed from the finest materials, the full size ear cups give you all the protection your hearing deserves.

9 reviews for Ultra Gel 29

  1. Suzanne – Verified Purchase

    Color: Black
    I tested it with decibal metres . It had 30db at the frequency i tested .

  2. Ed – Verified Purchase

    Broke 2 rather quickly
    Color: Black
    I hate to give a USA made item a low score but these are not made to hold up. I broke 2 pair rather quickly. They break at the bracket which holds the muffs on. They cut out a tremendous amount of noise. Comfortable on the ears but are rather bulky and awkward. Improve the connection on the muff and trim the size down a but and they get 5 stars easily.

  3. DMH – Verified Purchase

    Very Comfortable over safety glasses
    Color: Black
    The Pro Ears – Ultra Pro – Hearing Protection – NRR 30, are a good bargain. They are bulky, as many reviewers have stated, however the comfort level when worn over safety glasses, and the NRR rating far outweigh any negative effects of bulkiness. For pistol shooting, these will be my go to ear protection. I will be able to wear these all day. However, when shooting long guns, I will still resort back to my slim ear muffs from another manufacturer and spend less time on the range due to the lack of comfort. Thank you Pro Ears!

  4. Kelsey – Verified Purchase

    The Silence is Deafening
    Color: Black
    Amazing. I got these for my significant other. He goes to the gun range about once a month and these are significantly better than the headset he has. I love this set because of its independence from batteries and being able to use in any situation and not relying on charging or extra batteries. The set is extremely comfy and fit nicely around the head. The muffs are large but they aren’t causing any issues or weight too much. All in all, worth it especially to save my boyfriend’s hearing when out on the gun range.

  5. Ry – Verified Purchase

    Great Product
    I use these Hearing protection at the drag races and at the gun range.
    I could go with a bit higher decibel rating (more than 30) but its ok.
    Color and price was great. Added a couple cool decals and you are set !! :0) R.

  6. Todd – Verified Purchase

    Pretty Good option, comfy, not great for really small head sizes
    Color: Black
    Good unit, pretty comfy. I tried 3 models at the range on the same day, this one the 3M Peltor X-series, and the Walker EXT’s. The Walker’s had an odd “drum” echo in them, the Pro Ears were comfy, but the 3M Peltor X-series were the best at reducing the noise on the indoor range, even though the Walker’s are rated 3db higher, and they were very comfy long term.

  7. Ed Tower – Verified Purchase

    Three Stars
    Color: Black
    Does not hold on the ears good

  8. Susan H – Verified Purchase

    Color: Pink
    Amazing!!! These headphones block out the sharp cracks of noise that comes with fireworks, rifles, etc. All I hear is a dull “thud” that is so much easier to tolerate. They fit very comfortably on my head and are super comfortable around my ears. I wish I had these years ago.

  9. Morgan Ruttle – Verified Purchase

    Love my Purple Pro Ears
    Got these to use for my job as a dog groomer to help protect my ears. Absolutely love them! Comfortable and easy to adjust. Work great at canceling out a lot of the dyer and dog barking noise.

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