Pro Ears custom fit electronic hearing protection was originally designed for professional shooting competitors. The increased comfort and superior sound quality allowed them to improve concentration and focus on the task at hand - improved performance.

To optimize performance zero brain power should be wasted on hearing protection. Thoughts wasted on discomfort or sound quality are thoughts not focused on the target and speed.

Thoughts of hitting your stock on the earmuff or of an ear bud falling out of your ear are thoughts that are better spent anticipating the target release. A properly fitted custom plug is more comfortable, secure and unobtrusive than all other styles of hearing protection.

Not exactly bionic, but close. The combination of amplifying the sounds you want to hear and filtering out many of the sounds we consider noise provide audio cues that can lead to improved performance.

Years of working with competitive athletes in many disciplines of shooting competitions as well as professional waterfowl guides has given us insight into programming our hearing protection to optimize performance. We start with the best circuitry available and program them based on this knowledge. This standard programming should be right for 90% of customers but if you have a unique need we will work with you to personalize your purchase.

Let’s face it, the cost of custom fit electronic ear plugs do not fit everyone’s budget. By avoiding costly advertising, paying sponsored athletes and other expensive overheads we are able to offer Pro Fit™ at a steep discount to most competitive products. Our SPORT and CLASSIC models are comparable to competitor products that cost twice as much. You may find other custom plugs for a similar price but we are pretty certain it won’t be for the same performance level.

All of this in a very small ear bud because the electronics are all in the controls tucked securely behind your head. Universal fit for tiny adolescents to large adults with our unique coil system headband.


Whether it is our Perfect Fit Guarantee, 30 Day Trial, Free Shipping or EZ Finance we try to minimize your risk. The team in our customer service department are here to help. Call or email if you have questions or need help to place your order or if you just want to share a story.


1. Choose your model
  2. Select rechargeable or non-rechargeable?
  3. Select 1 year warranty (standard) or 3 year Warranty ($99.00)?
  4. Add tinnitus adjustment (no charge)
2. Make a mold of your ear
  1. Use our FREE kit to self-mold
  2. Ask a local audiologist to make the mold ($40.00 price reduction to compensate you)

3. Send us the mold in our pre-addressed FedEx envelope

4. We inspect your mold, make your PRO FIT™ and ship it to you, generally in 7 – 10 days. Ask us about expedited shipping if you need it faster.

Pro-Fit Series w/ case


When we receive your mold we will inspect it for completeness. If it looks good we will make your Pro Fit™. If you are not satisfied with the fit of your Pro Fit™ send it back together with a new mold and we will make it again. We want you to be satisfied so you get the best protection available.


Feature Pro Fit - Classic Pro Fit - Sport
Adaptive Feedback Canceling (AFC)
NRR 29 29
3rd Generation AFC X X
Fixed Directional Processing X X
Adjustable Adaptive Directionality X X
Layered Noise Reduction 12 Channel 10 Channel
12 Channel Layered Noise Reduction
Impulse Sound Suppression X X
Wind Noise Reduction X
Dynamic Contrast Detection X X
Wide Dynamic Range Compression X X
Compression Channels 8 6
MPO Limiting 8 Channel Broadband
8 Channel MPO Limiting X
Gain Adjustment Bands 12
Program Switch Tones yes
Low Battery Warning yes yes
Programmable Power on Delay X
Communication X X
Battery Life 120 hrs 120 hrs
Battery Type #13 #13
THD <2% <3%
Push Button Channel Selector x x
Volume Control Switch Switch
One Way Battery Insertion x x
Compression Setting 85 dB - all channels 85 dB - all memories
Gain Settings
Memory 1 17 dB 35 Db
Memory 2 22 dB
Memory 3 30 dB
Memory 4 35 dB
Maximum Volume (High Gain) 105 dB 105 dB
Memory 1 / /
Memory 2 / /
Memory 3 / /
Memory 4 / /
Hard Carry Case X X
Open Fit Design X X
Colors Available (Face Plate - Tan) (R)Red/ (L)Blue (R)Red/ (L)Blue
Retail $1499.99 / pair $999.99 / pair
Rechargable - Add $75.00 $75.00
3 Year Warranty - Add $99.00 $99.00
Optional request tinnitus adjustment on Memory 4 Available Not Available
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