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"I just wanted to let you know I have ordered another pair of Pro Tac Slim Gold Series hearing protection from your company. Your attention to my issue in May 2015 in no small way keeps bringing me back to your company. Thanks again for what you did then and as promised I tell all my students about your products and how I was treated by you and your company."
J. Weber
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
"As an owner of a company that has made my living off of service, I must say you and your company are second to none when it comes to service. You have a very high-quality product that performs as advertised and a support that is absolutely fantastic. I have had my Pro Ear Tac Gold Series earmuffs for more than six years. As an avid shooter that competes on a regular basis along with training, I probably average 20 hours per month of use over the last six years. I always and will continue promoting your products based on performance and service."
T. O'Neal
President Eagle Distributing Of Texarkana Inc.
Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold Series Ear Muffs
"These are really the top tier in ear protection when it comes to shooting. They’re over the head earmuffs that weigh in at about .84 pounds and use 4 “N” size batteries. This set outperforms much of its competition though with an NRR of 30. Although they appear bulky the light weight keeps them comfortable. The padding on the headband and earcups is soft and conforms quickly so long hours of use don’t result in slipping or headaches. The Bottom Line Indoor range, outdoor range, sports shooting or hunting, these are a great choice. Although they are pricey and out of many people’s budget, if you can afford the Pro Ears Pro Mag Gold, it’s worth it. They’re reported to hold up well through long periods of heavy use without a decrease in performance." -- Read full review
Roy Ayers
My Hunting Gear
"We as humans tend to enjoy loud noises as long as we’re the ones making them. Some great examples would be blasting your favorite tune in the car, fireworks, a motorcycle (Harleys for me), and lastly, a loud gun. A “loud” gun? Yes! With a home-defense or even an EDC weapon, the shock and awe of a thunderous boom could be seen as a benefit when it comes to intimidating your attacker. Plus, loud guns can be just plain fun! But as much fun as it may be, protecting your hearing from exposure to gunfire is vitally important. It’s not easy, or possible, for everyone to obtain a suppressor or ‘can’ if you prefer. So if we can’t quiet the ‘boom stick’. we need to protect our ears. The suppression technology that Pro Ears uses is very effective."
EDC Central
"I have trusted Pro Ears exclusively to protect my hearing in USPSA competition for 13 years. Electronic muffs are a vital tool in competition and my Pro Ears have played a major roll in my success!"
Rebecca T. Jones
USPSA Ladies Open National Champion

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