It turns out that silence is not only golden, it’s good for our health!

Why is hearing protection good for our health?

A recent article in the WSJ written by Benoit Morenne describes why silence is actually good for us. As it turns out, there are multiple health benefits!

With the rise of bigger cities and noisier environments, finding a quiet space is becoming harder to find. But study after study shows that us human beings need more quiet in our lives.

Because of the increase in noise, it is crucial for us to make to take care of our ears. Not only will proper hearing protection save your hearing from permanent damage, but they also help lower your blood pressure and improve your mental health.

Pro Tac Mag Hearing Protection

Hearing protection like the Pro Tac Mag can alleviate tension.

It’s also  been proven that being exposed to loud noises affects our brain cell development. The also found out that this affects kids just as much as adults. This means that protecting our children’s hearing is even more important than ever.

Long term exposure to loud sounds such as living near an airport or working in a noisy environment (even certain offices or a home with a TV on too loud) can lead to a variety of increased health risks.  One study indicated a life lived near a city airport reduced lifespan by three yearsPro Ears PESILVER Silver 22 Electronic Ear Hearing Protection Amplification Earmuffs Lifestyle Mowing Lawn Maintenance

Who knew wearing hearing protection could help you live longer?

What should I do to help improve my health?

As it turns out,taking care of your hearing health is easy, you just need to practice!

As studies have found out, just spending 10 minutes a day in silence can help lower blood pressure and reduce your fatigue. While it sounds simple enough, you won’t see the benefits unless you sit in silence at least several times a week.

If meditation isn’t your favorite activity, another way of reaping the health benefits is by investing in some electronic hearing protection.

Try wearing your favorite ears when you are in the office, or at home. Ear muffs and ear plugs can be a great way to quiet the world around you.

Hopefully with a little more quiet, we can have a little more peace and enjoy all of the health benefits.