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Pro Ears | Pro Tac Plus Gold

Pro Ears | Pro Tac Plus Gold


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The Pro Tac Plus Gold has a contoured cup for lower weight for long term use. Maximum concealment. All firearms can be used with this cup profile comfortably. The NRR is 26. Provides excellent noise attenuation. Lightweight and concealable cups. These Pro Tac Plus Gold units have the fastest “attack time “in the industry at 1.5 milliseconds. Exclusive DLSC technology which allows the user to hear all commands-whether indoors or outdoors-clearly despite continuous gunfire to ensure maximum safety. These Gold Series units are extremely comfortable with Pro Form Leather ear cushions that don’t crack or sweat. Contain an 8 bit micro processor that ensures the unit is running right every time.

  • Automatic shut-off.
  • Military grade dual circuit boards
  • Gold Connectors for high quality audiophile sound
  • Automatic shut off after 4 hours of inactivity
  • Pro Form Leather ultra comfortable ears seals & padded, adjustable headband.
  • Amplifies sound more than 8x normal hearing
  • Weighs only 13.5 ounces
  • Fast attack time of 1.5 milliseconds
  • Includes batteries
  •  3.5mm input jacks for i-pod and MP3 players
  • Battery life is 250 hours · Five (5) Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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Premium Tactical Hearing Protection

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1 review for Pro Ears | Pro Tac Plus Gold

  1. Bob Hom

    These replaced my earlier version which uses the “n” size battery. Circuitry is good and Pro Ears were the industry leaders in this type of hearing protection devices. However in terms of durability and function, my Peltors performed significantly better. I decided to buy this based on the need to replace my aging Peltors. Since this newer version uses the now commonly available CR123 3volt battery, I gave it a shot.

    A note on the new battery configuration. The space remained unchanged from the optimized space for the smaller N battery. The 123s is not a good fit in the compartment. I need to frequently push that batter back in place.

    Most annoying is the the lack of protection for the microphone covers. They are constantly being roped off. Something as non aggressive as wearing a hooded jacket will do that.

    Will likely get another Peltor or MSA. Can’t recommend ProEars until they do a re-engineering.

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