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Pro Ears | Pro Hear II


Hear Everything, and protect your hearing

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The Pro Hear II is a low-profile in ear sound amplification and suppression in one device. Discrete size reduces distortion and will compress sound over 85 dB with two channels and two memory settings. Setting can be set to 17dB and 22 db. Comply N 50 tips for perfect fit and comfort all day. Designed to provide a safe level of sound amplification and can be worn with most glasses and hats without interference. The unique compression circuit minimizes impulse sounds and, together with the companion ear plug, reduces the negative effect of muzzle blasts or other loud noises. Maximize your ability to hear better whether at home watching TV taking a walk in the woods or birds taking flight. Pro Hear hearing aids your ability to hear everything that is going on, and hear it clearly.

  • Aid, enhance and protect your hearing with the Pro Hear II by Pro Ears
  • Fully digital signal processing on two channels using push button select. Impulse Sound Suppression set at 85dB. Wind Screen. Wide Dynamic Range Compression. Directional microphone.
  • Gain setting at 17 dB on channel one and 22dB on channel two.
  • Exceptionally low THD at < 2% Typical 120 hour battery life using 312 type battery.
  • Ultra compact size and weight, less than 1/4 oz.
  • One year warranty
  • Adjustable Volume Control – rotational dial.
  • Low battery and program change tones.
  • Ultra – soft ¬†foam tips for a secure, comfortable fit.
  • High Fidelity sound quality.
  • Dynamic Contrast Detection.

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Pro Ears PH2BTETAN Pro Hear II Tan Main View

Pro Ears | Pro Hear II

Pro Ears PH2PBTE Pro Hear II Black Main View

Pro Ears | Pro Hear II+

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Pro Ears | Pro Hear IV

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Hear Everything, and protect your hearing

Hear Everything You want, Nothing you Don’t

Hear Everything, and protect your hearing

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