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Gel Ear Seal Kit For Oval Cups (Predator & Sleek Models)


  • Super comfortable Gel Ear Seals for all day use.
  • Protects your ears from sweat.
  • Prohibits sound waves from entering your ear.
  • Forms around your ear instead of compressing against it.
  • Fits Pro Ears models Pro, Predator, Gold II 26 & Ultra Sleek Models
  • Comes with two replacement foam pieces for your cups and 2 microphone covers.
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Experience the most comfortable ear seal ever made. Made from polyurethane gel, our round gel ear seals form around your ear rather than compresses against it.  Specially designed for our rounded cups, the round model of our gel ear seals can replace your viscoelastic memory foam ear seal for nearly every round model of Pro Ears. 


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