*Changing the Jumper setting is a delicate operation. Altus Brands is not responsible for damage caused as a result of this procedure.*For information on replacing or adjusting components or programming your electronic Pro Ears please refer to the Operations tab in the Our Technology section of this web site. IMPORTANT! 1). PRO EARS are extremely durable however it is not advisable to expose them to extreme heat or cold or direct moisture as this can damage the electronics. 2). Check to ensure batteries are in good condition. Even though PRO EARS use extremely long life batteries it is advisable to always carry a spare set. 3). The condition of the ear seal is critical to obtaining the reported level of nose reduction. Be sure to replace your ear seals if they become damaged or worn. Troubleshooting We offer this section so that you may evaluate and possibly correct any problem you may have with your PRO EARS before contacting customer service. If it becomes necessary to return anything for service, please call our Service Department at 800-891-3660 to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) before shipping. No Sound – Check the batteries. While we actually receive a low number of Warranty returns, over half of the units returned are battery related. Please make sure the batteries are the correct ‘N’ Size, 1.5 volt (or Lithium 123a for certain Pro Tac Gold models) are in good working order, and are facing in the proper direction. The spring end in the battery box is the negative end of the battery (as marked in the battery box). Many of the battery problems occur when using the wrong batteries. There is a similar sized, 12 volt battery on the market that is the same length with a slightly smaller diameter. Using the wrong model battery will void your warranty. Use only the ‘N’ size, 1.5 volt battery (or Lithium 123a for certain Pro Tac Gold models). Sound is intermittent – Batteries are weak or not properly seated in the battery holder. Replace the batteries. Sound is not clear or is distorted – Batteries are weak. Replace the batteries. Hear a beeping sound – (Gold models only) This is the low battery warning signal. See Batteries in the Operation Section of this manual. Sound when using the MP3 player is “clipped” – Make sure the Jumpers have not become dislodged and are set to MP3. All PRO EARS Gold electronic models use jumpers on the circuit board to allow you to customize the sound from an external source. To make sure the Jumpers have not become dislodged, open the foam battery flap in the ear cup and inspect the jumpers. The Jumpers are located below the battery box. Make sure a Jumper is covering both the pins marked Radio or MP3 as desired. Insufficient Amplification or Gain – Check the Jumper settings. All PRO EARS Gold Series models have a special, internal set of Connector Pins or Jumpers that are used to alter the circuit board Gain settings. These Jumpers are independent of the volume controls. The internal sensitivity is set at the factory to a low for the Gold Series. Noise attenuation has decreased – The cups need to fit securely around your ear to obtain maximum noise attenuation. The ear seal material used in all Pro Ears is designed for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Like a set of high speed tires on a racing car, these high performance ear seals need to be replaced to maintain their effectiveness. If the ear seal feels rough or is cracked, replace immediately. Hair or eye glasses can create a gap between the ear seal and the head. The ear seal is designed to limit the impact of wearing glasses but cannot eliminate the gap. Try wearing a glass with thinner or flatter stems. Good headband compression is also necessary for a proper fit. Our headbands are designed to provide sufficient compression to be effective but not too much compression to cause headaches. Over time the headband can stretch out and may need to be replaced. You can purchase new headbands at www.pro-ears.com Input or Output feature does not work – Check to ensure the outside unit, radio, CD Player, Tape Player etc, is working properly. If there is still a problem, check to make sure the connecting wires are not damaged and the connection itself is secure. If the unit is still not working properly it may be necessary to return the unit to the factory. See “ return procedure”. Moisture entered the electronics compartment – All circuit boards are sealed against moisture during the manufacturing process however, this is an electrical device and all effort should be made to protect against exposure to excessive moisture from rain, snow, etc. Should the unit be exposed to moisture it will be necessary to allow the unit to dry overnight, naturally. If this is done, the unit should work normally once fully dried. CAUTION: NEVER DRY YOUR PRO-EARS UNIT WITH AN ELECTRONIC HAIR DRYER OR OTHER ARTIFICIAL MEANS. THIS COULD RESULT IN DAMAGE TO THE UNIT! IF your Pro Ears do not resume normal operation contact our Service Department for assistance. PARTS LIST HB1 Head Band CN1 Control Knob MC2 Microphone Cover HY6 Maintenance Kit for; PRO-MAG & PRO-SLIM Series; Ultra 28 & Ultra 33 HY7 Maintenance Kit for; Predator & Ultra 26; Pro Tekt and Pro Tac Plus; Pro 300 HY8 Maintenance Kit for; STALKER & CLAYS HY 4 Maintenance Kit PRO 200
Trouble    Cause   Solution
Weak Sound  Battery malfunction Replace battery
 Battery incorrectly placed Correct battery position
 VC set in wrong position Tune VC to right position Ear mold/tip or sound tube blocked Clean ear mold or tube
 Odd Sound  Battery malfunction  Replace battery
 Ear tip or ear mold placed improperly  Re-orientate the tip or mold
 Too loud or Hissing  Turn the volume down
 Feedback or Whistle Ear tip or mold inserted improperly  Adjust the position of the tip
 Low battery Replace battery
 If Your Pro Hear Whistles Whistling/squealing may sometimes occur as you cup your hand over your ear and adjust the volume control. This action directs sound leaking from the ear plug into the microphone, resulting in a whistle. This should disappear when you take your hand away. If not, check to make sure the ear plug is inserted properly.
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