Pro Ears Replacement
I just wanted to let you know I have ordered another pair of Pro Tac Slim Gold Series hearing protection from your company. Your attention to my issue in May 2015 in no small way keeps bringing me back to your company. Thanks again for what you did then and as promised I tell all my students about your products and how I was treated by you and your company.
Thanks again for what you did then and as promised I tell all my students about your products and how I was treated by you and your company.
By: J. Weber – NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.
Pro Ears Repair
As an owner of a company that has made my living off of service, I must say you and your company are second to none when it comes to service. You have a very high-quality product that performs as advertised and a support that is absolutely fantastic. I have had my Pro Ear Tac Gold Series earmuffs for more than six years. As an avid shooter that competes on a regular basis along with training, I probably average 20 hours per month of use over the last six years. I always and will continue promoting your products based on performance and service.
By: T. O’Neal – President Eagle Distributing Of Texarkana Inc.
Best Ear Protection For Shooting – 2017 Reviews
The design is important for providing the best hearing protection you need. This model comes with the large style ear cups to give you the exceptional protection of NRR 30. The Noise Reduction Rating of 30 is impressive to help with blocking the sounds with a high dB level. The best part is that the manufacturer made the earmuffs to easily shut off after a long time of inactivity. What this does is to preserve the batteries so that you can also use the headphones for longer. They are further super soft and comfortable. You should have no hard time wearing them the whole day and still feel comfortable. Read full review
By : Review By My Hunting Gear
Pro Ears Predator Gold Electronic Ear Muffs Rock!
We as humans tend to enjoy loud noises as long as we’re the ones making them. Some great examples would be blasting your favorite tune in the car, fireworks, a motorcycle (Harleys for me), and lastly, a loud gun.  A “loud” gun?  Yes!  With a home-defense or even an EDC weapon, the shock and awe of a thunderous boom could be seen as a benefit when it comes to intimidating your attacker. Plus, loud guns can be just plain fun! But as much fun as it may be, protecting your hearing from exposure to gunfire is vitally important. It’s not easy, or possible, for everyone to obtain a suppressor or ‘can’ if you prefer. So if we can’t quiet the ‘boom stick’. we need to protect our ears. The suppression technology that Pro Ears uses is very effective. Read full review
By : Posted by ED Central Pro Ears: Choice of Champions
“I have trusted Pro Ears exclusively to protect my hearing in USPSA competition for 13 years.  Electronic muffs are a vital tool in competition and my Pro Ears have played a major roll in my success!” Rebecca T. Jones USPSA Ladies Open National Champion Great For Wing Shooting

Grand View Outdoors reviews Stalker Gold for hunting crows and other wing shoots.  Click here to read full review.
Pro Ears Chosen #1 by Field & Stream

Thomas McIntyre in a ‘Head to Head’ Column for the June 2006 issue of Field & Stream Magazine picked Pro Ears by RidgeLine, inc as the Best Electronic Hearing Protection/Amplification System.Read More
Bow Tube Video Critique of Hearing Amplification

Wade Nolan reports on the Pro-Ears Gold and finds they are a leg up on the old style competition.
See Pro Ears in action
Customer Feedback

“I won a set of Pro Mag Gold muffs at the Rocky Mountain 300 prize table last weekend. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Pro Ears sponsorship of our match! We had a great time despite the severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings on Saturday 🙂 And of course the prize table is ALWAYS a lot of fun! I love that I can plug my Pro Mags into my ipod….way too cool…..and they are very comfortable! Again, thank you so very much! We could not play this awesome game without great sponsors like Pro-Ears!” – Shelly,  A Pro Ears ear muffs user
  Pro Ears: The Best in Hearing Protection
I recently purchased two pair of your Pro Ear Gold electronic hearing protectors with the 33 NRR.  I must say they are the finest I have ever used and not only use them when shooting, I also use them when mowing the lawn and plan on using them this winter when using my snow blower. Fred B.   Great For Wing Shooting
Grand View Outdoors reviews Stalker Gold for hunting crows and other wing shoots.
A Great Relationship We are very proud to be associated with Gill and Vicki Ash.  They are about as good as it gets when it comes to instructors for world class shooting.  the attached press release describes our association with OSP.  While this is not exactly a testimonial, just to have Gil and Vicki choose our products means a lot to us at Pro Ears.
As Good As The Review Said They Would Be
  Hi Mark. I have been hunting & shooting with my new muffs and i am very pleased with them.They performed as in the the reviews & they do everything you mentioned.Four of us shot 15 young goats over a three day period, four of which are now in my freezer. Regards Pat.
Help Selecting a Model
I placed my order for the Pro Tac Slim Gold and Custom Storage Bag with Bill McCort over the phone today. Thank you both for everything. It was a real pleasure speaking with Bill and getting his perspective while answering my additional questions. I paid more for it this way, but the time you both spent answering my questions was worth every penny as far as I’m concerned. I sent 2 emails to 2 different email addresses not knowing which one would get my questions answered. You responded via email yesterday (several times) and Bill responded early this morning. Both of you have gone far beyond what I expected and it is a real comfort knowing that this level of  professionalism and support stands behind the product I just purchased. Just from my interactions with both of you, I seriously doubt I will every have a need to use your 5 year warranty. Products from people like you just perform. I had them shipped 2nd day air and cannot wait to get them. I know I’m slowly becoming my father because deciding which set to buy should not have been this hard. Thanks for the patience. Sincerely, Glenn Holladay
  Way too often the only time a person bothers to provide feedback is when they are complaining.  Well, I want to change that right now! I would like to highly commend Wendy for spending a fair amount of time explaining the different options to me in regards to hearing protection for sporting clays.  I do have hearing loss from my military service in  artillery long before they knew that decibels caused permanent hearing loss. I am a novice trap shooter and didn’t know much about hearing protection until I talked to Wendy.  She knows her product well, is very patient with the likes of me and she is the reason I purchased the Sporting Clay Gold from you directly instead of doing the Internet “look for the lowest price” game. I know I can count on getting the kind of service that I look for in any product I purchase.  I’m sure that Wendy is representative of the caliber of person working at Pro Ears. Thanks Wendy – YOU ROCK!!  I went with the green! Al Belisle Cumberland R  
Great Conversation
Mr Ricci, I recently contacted your company with questions regarding the Pro-Ears peoducts. I was referred to Bill McCort to discuss you products etc. Through our conversation he answered my questions, as well as informed me of your range program. I had others involved that passed questions on to me & I got the answers from Bill. I want you aware of how much help Bill was in all this process, from getting the range set up to answering a lot of questions on what Pro-Ears would be the best for our purpose & needs. Being a gun owner himself was a great help. I enjoyed the conversations as well as data he took time to e-mail me. We often hear of the poor customer service, but I wanted you to hear of the excellent service Bill McCort gave to us. To be blunt, My friends were impressed with the customer service! Now we hope to be as impressed with the hearing protection, and I have no doubt we will be. He deserves some recognition.  Thanks for your time, Robert Hart
Kudos For an Associate
Hi Charlie,  I just wanted to let you know that Shannon is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful. Great customer service!  Thank you, Michelle Top Gun Supply (440)729-7273
We Take Care of Our Dealer’s Too!
Awesome… Thanks for taking care of my customer for me! Most of the time I have to do all of the leg work but you guys just step right in and take care of him! That is great customer service! Have a great weekend, Moe
NRA Camp For Women
  Lisa Metheney recently attended an NRA camp for women.  Read what she had to say about Pro Ears (and other stuff too…)
Listen To Your Instructor!
Once again,  many thanks for your help. For over 15 years I have been associated with a training organization for civilians and law enforcement. The Pro Ears products have been invaluable in allowing me to run a safer event, and help me to communicate with my students. I have used Pro ears hearing protection for over 10 years and on occasion have forgotten I have them on. Your help only underscores the quality of your product and the professionalism you bring to the job. I have two older pairs and would like know if I can send them back to be repaired if possible. I would plan to use them as loaners and believe they will be a positive sales tool also . Best regards. Brad Guth
A Little Extra
I salute you and your company for your generosity in replacing the headband assembly when my Ultra 33 was several months out of warranty. As a result of the easy repair, I have found a new use which is to listen to my MP3 under the muffs when mowing and string trimming. I wonder what people say when they see the grin on my face. I can’t believe I’m actually working and it has completely changed my attitude about power equipment. Thanks again for the swift followup and your outstanding customer service. By the way, I also posted a review on Amazon. Tad Elliott
Old Pro Ears Never Die
Greetings,  I have a pair of Pro Ears Linear Elites that must be at least 10 years old, or older.  Recently, one side just stopped working, and while still usable, I am spoiled and need to get them fixed.  Do you want me to use your return system, or since these are so old, handle them in another way?  I am a NRA Instructor, and a state certified CWP Instructor and have been singing the praises of Pro Ears for over a decade.  I love good quality gear, and yours is the best!  Respectfully,  Richard Wright
Superior Product, Superior Service
Dear Sirs:  I just received an email from Shannon Plamondon that my headset is on its way back to me via USPS. Your customer service, follow-up, and genuine interest in my problem is inspiring and greatly appreciated. I will not hesitate to mention this to all of the folks with whom I shoot. I purchased Pro Ears Gold because it is a superior product. Now I’ve found the service you provide is equally superior.  Thank you,  Gary Brunelle Tucson, AZ
A Young Hunter
Dear Charles Ricci and the Pro Ears Team                 I would like to thank you for the Ear Muff Headphones that were given to me at the Muy Grande Ranch Camp 1 this year.  I attended a hunt that was sponsored by the Tony Semple Foundation.  Tony was really cool.  This was a really special time that all of us kids had there.  Thanks again for sponsoring this special event it really meant a lot to me.  I will use these Muffs a lot.  Thanks Again Megan  
A Serious Gunowner
To: Pro Ears, Thank you for the opportunity to test and evaluate your Pro Ears during a recent firing range course where I put your Pro Ears to the test. I must say without a doubt that Pro Ears is the BEST product for hearing protection on the range that I have ever experienced. As a former U.S. Army Combat veteran, active executive protection agent, current NRA Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer, I can tell you that I have been on many ranges and have tried many different types of hearing protection. Pro Ears is simply in a class by itself! It offers unequalled performance and comfort at all levels. The built-in integrated electronics offer exceptional performance in filtering out unwanted noises, to include gun fire, while at the same time providing crystal clear voice communications; this feature alone is priceless on the range when it comes to safety. I highly recommend Pro Ears to any serious gun owner, law enforcement officer, military personnel or civilian looking for exceptional hearing protection.  The answer is simple – PRO EARS!  Dr. Leonard C. Holifield, CPS, EPS President / CEO, International Academy of Executive Protection Agents, LLC. NRA Certified Firearms Instructor / Range Safety Officer
Beyond the Call of Duty
We were set up near a new bay. The water came rocketing down the hill and the tables ended up sitting in the middle of a river of rain run off. Even though I had the tents set up the rain was coming in sideways and I was standing in 6 inches of water. It all resembled a WW1 trench!!! Course I was anxiously packing stuff off the tables as fast a possible and trying to get it into the trailer without making anything wetter than it already was. I didn’t discover the tote with the ears had two inches of water in it until the next morning. Other boxes that got damp on the tables were dried out in the truck with the heater on full blast just after the storm! As for the ones discovered the next day I had to lay them all out in the sun to dry. I don’t believe they will mildew otherwise I’d be asking to buy a bunch on new headbands from you!!! Bad weather comes with the territory when you’re mobile!!!    I’d also like to thank you for the customer service provided to a couple of my customers recently. They were extremely impressed…. It’s your product and more importantly the service that allows me to sell the Pros in the first place!!  Thanks again  Johnathan Bonham Red Dot Shooting, Inc
Essential Gear For Law Enforcement
My name is Didier ULYSSE and I’m a 43 years old French police officer working as shooting instructor in Paris. I practice shooting since I’m 15, both with handguns and rifles. At work or during a civilian training, I always pay attention to my ear’s protection. Like every shooter I’ve a protection helmet, but sometime it doesn’t enough, particularly when high calibers “talks” on both of your sides. With the Pro ears products my ears are very well protected. On duty, at the range, it’s very important for me to know if a shooter has a problem or a malfunction with his gun, even if I’m watching another one. With the Pro Ears stereo microphones, I can hear if someone is in trouble on my sides, even if some other officers are still shooting! With the Pro Ears hearing system I know I’m very well protected and I always know what happens around me. The Pro Tac Gold model I choose is not only a hearing protectors, it’s now an essential item of my duty gears”
A Test of Faith
On July 15th I placed an order for two sets of the Pro Ears Ultra 33, one for myself and one for my mother.  For us it was a test of faith as neither of us had ever tried out a pair of the Pro Ears.  I wanted to send you an e-mail and let you know that our test of faith was well worth taking, we are both  absolutely thrilled with our Pro Ears.   I had been having problems with the ear protection I had been using not damping the noise (even with foam plugs in the ear) and was in pain when at the range.  The big test for my new Pro Ears was sitting through a class where close to 1500 rounds were fired.  I was very comfortable the entire time.   As for my mother’s experience, she has found that when she takes her Pro Ears off after shooting, she doesn’t have the muffled “in a well” sound previously experienced with other hearing protection.  To quote her, “we are sold on Pro Ears.”  And on a “girly” note, thank you for offering the pink.  Sincerely,  Adrienne H.
More Great Customer Care
Thank you for outstanding customer support!  You recently repaired my DSC-1 hearing protection after first patiently attempting to guide me to a solution via telephone. You did all this at no charge to me and even replaced the mic covers while you had the units in house.  You may or may not know, but I use this product as I teach and compete all over the US. It is this type of support that makes it easier for me to recommend Pro-Ears every time I am asked ‘whats the best hearing protection’ for the shooting sports or for tactical applications.  Again, Thank you and have a great day!  Tom
Buy American Made Products
You have a great site, and I stumble on it looking for a rifle bench rest.  When I get my new rifle you can be assure, I will be ordering a bench master rifle rest.  Thanks for making it american made.    Michael
Hear What You Have Been Missing
I had just about given up on shooting. Seriously. I was a ‘Semi-famous’ gun magazine writer and my young children were starting to shoot with me. Problem was, with traditional ear protection I couldn’t hear what they were saying to me, or hear what other shooters and the range officers were saying. Taking them to the range was no longer comfortable.  Also, regular ear muffs were not protecting my hearing and they made getting a proper cheek weld on rifles and shotguns nearly impossible. So I basically stopped shooting. I thought electronic muffs were some sort of ‘trick’. That was until I got my set of Pro Ears ‘Gold’. Suddenly the world of shooting opened up to me again. With my Pro Ears ‘Gold’, even on the lowest setting I can carry on normal conversation and hear what’s happening around my family and friends at the range. In fact, last Christmas I bought them for all my family and friends! The slim profile models let me shoot Trap and Sporting Clays with confidence. The TAC models protect my hearing from even the biggest boomers I have to test. They are truly the finest hearing protection I have ever used.  Thanks to Pro Ears, my children and I have rediscovered the shooting sports and go to the range at least once a week!   John Fasano COMBAT TACTICS, GUNS, TACTICAL WEAPONS  
Another Satisfied Customer
I never pick up my gun or bow without also picking up my Pro Ears. The advanced technology, dependability and quality are second to none. The protection Pro Ears provide for my hearing is absolutely vital when I shoot, or am exposed to high noise levels from machinery like when I fire up my chain saw, or lawn mower. When hunting, the amplification ability also enables me to hear things that would be impossible to pick up with normal hearing. This allows me a 360 degree range so I can be ready long before the game is visible. I wish I had these at my side when I was guiding elk hunters day in and day out years ago. All these features combine to make Pro Ears an invaluable part of my outdoor life. I never leave home without them.” Kevin Paulson\
Hard to Wear Plugs After You’ve Worn Pro Ears
I love my Pro Ears although I haven’t had time to use them as much as I would have liked to lately. I took a concealed weapons class several weeks ago and every one in the class love them. The only Bad part was I didn’t want to wear ear plugs while they tried them out. Everyone that I have showed them too has loved them so far. I worked a store promotion this weekend and gave them your information if they wanted to carry them in the store. Hopefully you will be hearing from them. Rich Staff of Hunter’s Specialties (Note: For the sake of full disclosure, Rich’s company also works with a distributor who carry’s Pro Ears but hopefully that is not the only reason he liked the product!)
Pro Ears Chosen #1 by Field & Stream
Thomas McIntyre in a ‘Head to Head’ Column for the June 2006 issue of Field & Stream Magazine picked Pro Ears by RidgeLine, inc as the Best Electronic  
Satisfied Customer Down Under
Hi Pro Ears  Just recieved a pair of Pqssive Pro Ears – Ultra 33 I ordered a week ago. They are GREAT supper quiet supper comfortable and the ear seel seems to cover my sunglasses arm without letting any sound in. Thanks & expect more orders from Mudgee Australia  Bruce Browne
Fast Repairs – One more time
Wanted to say thank you for the outstanding level of customer service you provide for your product. Having been totally satisfied with my Dimension 1 Stalker ear muffs, they developed a problem after a few years of use. After calling your customer service dept, I was given instructions on how to send them in for repair. They were sent to you on Thursday and I received the repaired muffs the following Tuesday……thats great service! Thanks again. R Martinez Boulder, CO.
I thought I would share a photo recently taken of our group of hunters.  We were at Chincoteague Island, VA, in mid January Sea Duck hunting. As the picture shows, your product is our groups hearing protection preference.  We all laughed that we should send this to Pro-Ears, as there is like $1000 worth of product here.  I myself own 2 pairs, one for my wife and one for myself. If you feel like you’d like to say “thanks for supporting us”, let me know.  We’ll always take free stuff. J  Keep making a great product.  Happy shooting, Mike Buesing   Picture details: from left to right. Lee Leathers, Doug Taylor, Mike Buesing (me), Butch Buesing.  With a nice mix of Sea ducks.
New Gold Pro Ears reviewed in the field
Keith Dunlap evaluates ProEars while hunting with his son.  Electronic Hearing protection/amplification has come a long way thanks to Pro Ears. For the bowhunter hearing game is vital. So how does this model stack up?
Bow Tube Video Critique of Hearing Amplification
Check out this video describing how Pro Ears can make a difference when hunting from a blind.
Footage of Happy Hunters Wearing Proears
Video we found on YouTube we thought you would enjoy
Kevin Paulson of Hunting Life Reviews the Predator Gold
Enhance Your Experience says Kevin, with Pro EarsKevin displays his Pro Ears and his prey
Pro Ears Help Bag a Deer
Spent a couple hours in my tree stand yesterday with the Pro Ears. Quite windy, but it didn’t bother the Ears like with other units. They helped me hear two “freezer does” just about the time the 17 degree wind chill was getting to me. Also kept me from being bothered by the shots. Thanks, in no small part to the Ears, I’ve got a good supply of fresh venison. Jeff
ProEars PRO-SLIM Gold – When you are ready for the best and know the difference!
Click here to read the review of the Pro Ears Pro Slim Gold.   You will be leaving the web site so be sure to hit your back key to return to
Pro Ears Rocks the Hearing/Amplification World
Click here to read the review from  You will be leaving the Pro Ears Web site so be sure to hit your back button to continue shopping on
Superior Customer Service
For nearly a decade we have been using Pro Ears electronic hearing protection for our instructors at our indoor shooting range. We have historically chosen the Pro Ears because of the superior Noise Reduction Rating. Over time we have had a few minor problems with the hearing protection no longer working properly. In the past we have been able to purchase a replacement pair of Pro Ears. However, like many other organizations we are experiencing some financially trying times. When my current pair of Pro Ears was not working properly, I feared we were going to need to investigate an alternative solution. I contacted Pro Ears to inquire about repair costs for my hearing protection. I learned my electronic ears were still under warranty. Pro Ears provided me with the shipping information and an RMA number. As the conversation with your staff continued, they discovered that we have several pair of hearing protection that were no longer working properly. Ultimately, I was told to ship all four pair of Pro Ears back to them for diagnosis. I was told they would check them out and would contact me to let me know if they could be repaired and how much the repairs would be. Last week I received a package with four pair of Pro Ears. Two of which had been repaired. The other two pair of electronic ears had been replaced. Then I reviewed the billing invoice. To my surprise all four sets of hearing protection were repaired/replaced at no charge. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to stand behind your product and repair them despite the expired warranty period.  This type of customer service speaks volumes about your company and your products. Thank you, Officer Kyle Schmidt Tempe Police Department Firearms Training Unit
So comfortable you’ll forget your wearing hearing protection
Hello, I purchased the Dimension Gold and I have been using them 8 to 10 hours every day for 3 weeks. My first impression was do they really work because it was so easy to understand coworkers and intercom pages, so I had to turn the volume off just to compare. They are very comfortable, I have a 50 percent hearing loss and this is my fourth Brand that I have purchased, so far these are working the best. Thank you for making a superior product made in the U.S.A. with hearing conservation and communication in one. Sincerely Ron Swain Industrial Automation Maintenance Technician  
US Conceal and Carry Reviews Pro Ears Gold
Click here to read the review from US Conceal and Carry
Fast Repairs
Just wanted to drop you guys a line and say thanks for repairing my pro-ears promptly. They work great and fit better than ever. Nice job. Sincerely, Robert Domer
Anne Vinnola, Shooter/Hunter, mother and wife, Explains Why You Should Own Pro Ears
Pro Ears Predator Put To The Test
Pro Ears are a Great Help to Young Competitor
Chris Saylor
Quality electronics
Dear Sir, since I have received my order, I wear a pair of Pro Mag Gold series every Sundays at the shooting range. This place is very busy at this time, of the year, due to hunting season. Here, in Canada, a lot of people shoots with muzzle breaks. So, the fire lane is very noisy. No better trial conditions. I am professional gunsmith since 25 years, and, I tried ( and hated, some times…) a lot of electronic ear muffs: but, sincerely, I never wore one so comfortable and efficient. I am very impressed by the electronic board: the ”cut and release” time is very, very short. So short that I feel absolutely no ”click” or ”pump” effect. In fact, I feel …no effect! It seemed to me that everybody shoots 22LR!!! (Except the blast….of course.) Excellent , really. Nicholas Encontre Armurier – Gunsmith
Repeat customer of Pro-Ears.
Once again I want to thank you for your exemplary customer service as you have confirmed my feelings of being a repeat customer of Pro-Ears. – T. VINCI 
Your hard work and diligence is extremely appreciated
Thank you so much for returning my Pro Ears D2s in excellent working order. I’m going to wear them at the Factory Nationals and at the World Shoot in South Africa. Your hard work and diligence is extremely appreciated. – B. BOHZ 
I will certainly tell other shooters about your service
I got my re-furbished Pro-Ears back this Friday. I really appreciate the extra effort you put into getting the items in and out quickly and appreciate the warranty service that I was not expecting. I will certainly tell other shooters about your service. – B. BARBEE 
Your Dimension 1 system is so much better than the Peltor 6
Your Dimension 1 system is so much better than the Peltor 6 that it is a real pleasure to use them. – J. BICHT
As you know, gun people have money and will spend their money for good products
Because of the good product you have and the great help I received from your Service Manager, I will do everything I can to promote your products. Money is tight, but when I go to the gun range and people see something that really works and they like it, they may very easily decide to buy it. As you know, gun people have money and will spend their money for good products. – S. DEMERELL
I will recommend your company to everyone!
I received the special Pro Ears Model that you made for me today. It is exactly what I needed. Sound origins are pinpointed instantly. The moment I put them on, I zeroed in on the clicking of an antique clock nearly 20 feet away. Thanks to all of you for really listening to what I had to say, and showing a dedication to satisfying this customer. I will recommend your company to everyone! – MAURICE DAREL DECOUNTER, JOHN ANDERSON BAND 
These muffs are the first equipment packed
Going to the range or to the blind these [Stalker] muffs are the first equipment packed. I truly love your product so much I recommend them to everyone. Two of my duck hunting buddies have bought their own after using mine for five minutes. – R. OATMAN
I can’t wait to order one of your great units.
Being a hunter with moderate hearing loss, the introduction to your Pro Slim by a duck hunting buddy of mine in Arkansas this past week was an answer to my prayers. I can’t wait to order one of your great units. – D. BEST
MIDWAY.COM “Great Muffs”
The [MidwayUSA] customer service department emailed me and suggested the Pro-Ears Predator 200. Great muffs. The sound level compression of the Pro-Ears is much easier on the ears than the high level clipping of Peltors. Changing the battery in the Pro-Ears is much easier…Thanks Midway Customer Service Department! – REVIEW OF PELTOR PRODUCT POSTED AT MIDWAYUSA.COM
Since using them I’ve increased my scores on the firing range
Thank you for making Pro-Ears! Since using them I’ve increased my scores on the firing range. I look forward to continued success and may even let my law enforcement husband use them! – C.TUMLIN, SENIOR US PROBATION OFFICER
Thank you for a great product!
I purchased the Stalker 1 for deer hunting. It worked great. I normally wear standard hearing protection devices to protect my damaged ears. Your product allowed me to hear again and still protect my ears. I shot 2 bucks this past season. Thank you for a great product.! – S. TOLLAKSON
Tom Lee Cerbo Loves the Advantages of Pro Ears Protection and Amplification
I’ve gone from an uncertified USPSA shooter to my current ranking of Master Class using [Pro-Ears]. Pro Ears gives me unlimited advantages on my reaction time to the start signal. They helped me improve my draw from 1.20 seconds to .95 seconds. I love my Pro-Ears.
Thank You!!!
I want to thank you for your excellent customer service and response to my request. American business companies should learn how to take care of their customers like you do! Thank You!!! – H. HARTLEY
Not only do you have a great product, but you stand behind it.
I would like to thank the person responsible for the fast replacement of the mic covers for my sporting clay muffs. I needed them for competition this weekend and I received the covers today in the mail. Not only do you have a great product, but you stand behind it. – P. TRONCALE 
I really appreciate the American Made commitment you have.
I bought these based on prior Pro-Ears purchases. Each set that I have bought has been better than the last. I buy them for friends as gifts (my originals are still going strong). I really appreciate the American Made commitment you have; it is my number one purchasing criteria. Your warranty is top notch (I’ve had to use it once) and your “ears” are the best in the business. I wear them proudly on the range and in training. – B. VOSS
I‘m very satisfied and impressed with their (Pro Ears) product.
There are a number of companies that make electronic ear protection with amplification. The company I chose was Ridgeline, Inc. because their specifications were superior and their experience in various applications is extensive. I‘m very satisfied and impressed with their product. – N. ANTON, LETTER TO THE EDITOR OF “TINNITUS TODAY”
“they became the “must-have” of the weekend!”
Thank you so much for the two pairs of Pro-Ears Predators. [We had the Predators] in time for our Stuntwomen’s Association of Motion Pictures/NSSF Tactical2Practical II shooting seminar we held in November for the elite film industry stuntpeople and stunt coordinators. Everyone who attended got a chance to try them and they became the “must-have” of the weekend! – K. ROWE AND E. ALEXANDER, STUNTWOMEN’S ASSOCIATION OF MOTION PICTURES, INC CO-CHAIRS
“Nothing else lives up to your standards.”
I’ve tried Peltors…Dillons and others, but prefer my Pro Ears by a long margin. As a firearms safety instructor the ability to hear, at all times, is paramount. Your product is the only one that does not “blank out” momentarily during loud noises. I’ve been using them for 4 years or so, and have no intention of replacing them with another product. Nothing else lives up to your standards. -P. Murray
Customer Feedback
“I won a set of Pro Mag Gold muffs at the Rocky Mountain 300 prize table last weekend. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Pro Ears sponsorship of our match! We had a great time despite the severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings on Saturday 🙂 And of course the prize table is ALWAYS a lot of fun! I love that I can plug my Pro Mags into my ipod….way too cool…..and they are very comfortable! Again, thank you so very much! We could not play this awesome game without great sponsors like Pro-Ears!” – Shelly,  A Pro Ears ear muffs user It was a pleasure dealing with you in my purchase of my second pair of Pro-Ears. Your professionalism, customer service and product knowledge is the best. Thank you. It also gives me a great deal of satisfaction to ” buy American”. I only wish other companies would realize that most customers , especially older ones , are willing to find and buy American made products. Maybe our market is small, but we are out there! My third trip to S. Africa is this June and I will send you some photos that showcase my new Pro-Ears. Thanks again. Norm Klopfenstein
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