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Pro Fit User Guide

User’s GuidePro Fit™ Custom Plugs Amplification & Protection Devices

  • Increase Hearing amplifying what you want to hear and blocking unwanted noise.
  • Protect Hearing using a Sound Activated Compression (SAC) circuit combined with the noise attenuation properties of the ear plug helps protect hearing from loud sounds such as muzzle blasts.
  • Weigh less than 1/4 oz. each.

Thank you for choosing Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs.

With these high-quality hearing amplification and noise attenuation plugs you safely hear all the important communication while protecting your hearing from loud sounds.

Please read this User Guide carefully before use. You’ll find instructions on the use, care and maintenance of your new hearing protection.

Be prepared to maximize your outdoor experience!

Components of all Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs

Mic – Directs ambient sound to the unit.

Volume Control – Adjusts the sound level between low and high. Always start with the volume set to low to protect your hearing.

Program Select – Press to change memory positions. (Classic only)

Battery Compartment Door – Holds the battery in place and ensures proper operation.

Carrying Case – Protects your Pro Fit™ when not in use.

Wearing the Pro Fit™

  1. To insert or remove your Pro Fit™ from your ear, identify the right and left sides by color.
  2. With the volume control wheel at the top of the Pro Fit™ faceplate, hold your forefinger and thumb with the tapered end pointed toward your ear and gently insert the Pro Fit™ into your ear canal and push into place with your forefinger. Insertion may be made easier if you use your other hand to gently pull the back of your ear toward the back of your head while inserting the Pro Fit™.
  3. Once the Pro Fit™ is inserted in your ear, slowly adjust the volume to the desired level.
  4. While adjusting the volume, if you hear a whistling sound, simply decrease the volume and the whistling should stop. Whistling can also be caused by a less than snug fit. Be sure the Pro Fit™ is fully inserted in the ear canal.
  5. Before removing the Pro Fit™ from your ear be sure to fully decrease the volume. To remove, place your forefinger under your ear and gently push upward. This action will loosen the device so you can grasp the sides for easy removal.
  6. After removing your Pro Fit™ from your ears be certain to remove the batteries to conserve battery life.

CAUTION: If you cannot obtain a snug fit with your custom Pro Fit™ you may not obtain the necessary protection from loud sounds.

Installing the Battery

Remove the sticker from the battery. To insert battery, open battery compartment by pulling down on the rim of compartment door. The battery is held in place by a small lip on the bottom of the compartment. Place the battery into the compart-ment so that the (+) sign side of the battery is facing up; when battery is inserted correctly, compartment door will close with ease. The battery door will not close easily if the battery is not properly inserted. DO NOT FORCE THE DOOR. A BROKEN DOOR WILL VOID THE WARRANTY! A #13 battery is required. Expected battery life is approximately 120 hours.

Please remove the battery when the hunter’s aid is not in use. Any moisture on the battery should be wiped off.

NOTE: A weak battery may cause the unit to buzz or hum.

WARNING: Button Cell Batteries are Dangerous if Swallowed

  • Keep batteries out of the reach of children.
  • Discard batteries very carefully.
  • Never allow children to play with batteries.
  • Never change batteries in front of children.
  • Never put batteries in your mouth for any reason, as they are slippery and easy to swallow by accident.
  • Always check medication before swallowing, as batteries have been confused as medications.

In the event a battery is swallowed call:

The National Button Battery Ingestion Hotline(202) 625-3333 for counsel or treatment.

Operating Instructions:

Turning the Unit On and Off

After inserting the battery, close the battery door completely to turn the unit on. Turn the unit off by opening the battery door to the first stop or removing the battery.

Operating the Volume Control

Increase the volume on the Pro Fit™ by turning the volume control clockwise. Always start with the unit set at the lowest volume.

Note: The Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs has a built-in “safety” circuit which limits the output of the instrument to a maximum of 115 dB SPL.

Rechargeable Models

Following these few simple steps will keep your rechargeable batteries in optimum condition and avoid damaging the unit.

  1. The Pro FitTM will operate with either a rechargeable or nonchargeable battery.
  2. The rechargeable batter should provide approximately 12 hours of continuous use on a full charge. If used for shorter durations, please open the battery door to prevent the devise from continuing to discharge.
  3. Only place the Pro FitTM into the portable recharging station with rechargeable batteries in the battery compartment. Placing the Pro FitTM into the recharging station with nonchargeable batteries will harm the unit and void the warranty.
  4. Put one Pro Fit TM into each recharging station separately, with the faceplate (side with the battery door) facing up. You should be able to see the light on your Pro Fit TM turn on when charging.
  5. It takes about six hours to fully charge the unit.
  6. A new set of rechargeable batteries will be good for about 500 full charge cycles or two years, whichever comes first.

 Program Selection (Classic Only)

The Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs has 4 programs:

Program Ideal For:

  1. General Everyday Use
  2. Crowds Restaurants/Sporting Events/Large Meetings. Compression is set to 85dB.
  3. Music/Theater Concerts/Cinema. Compression is set to 85 dB.
  4. Nature Outside/Birdwatching/Hunting. Compression is set to 85 dB.

When first turned on, the unit defaults to #1, the General program. To change between programs, push the program button. You will hear a series of beeps as you change programs: one beep: program # 1, two beeps: program # 2, etc.

Your Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs are programmed with an intermittent beep or tone to indicate that the battery life is less than 10%. When you hear this tone it is a prompt to replace the battery before the unit stops functioning.


If you are having problems with your Pro Fit™ please check the following:

If your Pro Fit™ is too loud or you hear a hissing sound, turn down the volume. If you experience a weak sound or no sound, replace the battery and make sure the unit is turned on. If sound is muffled, ensure the sound outlet is not obstructed.

If Your Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs Whistles

Whistling/squealing may sometimes occur as you cup your hand over your ear and adjust the volume control. This action directs sound leaking from the ear plug into the microphone, resulting in a whistle. This should disappear when you take your hand away. If not, check to make sure the ear plug is inserted properly.

Caring For Your Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs

Remember that your Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs are a quality instrument and should be treated in the same careful manner as any other precision-engineered device.

  1. Never allow any liquid to enter the Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs as this may damage the components within the device.
  2. Do not store your device in any location which would expose it to excessive heat (e.g. direct sunlight, heaters, or radiators.)
  3. Be careful not to drop the device as this may damage its components.
  4. Never insert any foreign objects into your device; this could result in serious damage to the instrument.
  5. Never permit solvents to come into contact with your device as this can damage the unit.
  6. Clean your device by wiping with a damp (not wet) cloth moistened with an antiseptic liquid.
  7. Remember to clean your ear after showering or swimming before inserting the aid.
  8. Use a qualified battery to guarantee proper functioning.
  9. Remember to remove the battery while your Pro Fit™ is not in use.
  10. Adjust Volume Control gently. Use your fingernail or a eyeglass screw driver.
  11. Do not try to repair or disassemble the Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs yourself.
  12. For any other questions about maintenance, please contact Customer Service.

Service and Warranty

Your Pro Fit™ Custom Plugs are covered by a manufacturer’s limited warranty. This warranty covers all manufacturing and material defects.

An additional 3-year warranty can be purchased from the manufacturer.  Please contact Customer Service for details of this warranty.

Toll-free customer support 800-891-3660 or [email protected]


Altus Brands warrants this product to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and conditions for a period of one-year parts/90 days labor from the date of the original purchase unless the optional three year warranty was purchased.

Under this warranty, this unit will be replaced or repaired at our option, without charge for parts or labor, excluding batteries, for a period of 90 days after the purchase. After 90 days, the cost of labor with Shipping/Handling and Insurance of $99.95 is the customer’s responsibility.

This warranty is void if any of the following occur:

  1. The warranty card was not sent in at the time or purchase.
  2. The unit is not owned by the original purchaser at the time of the warranty claim.
  3. The unit has been tampered with, opened or punctured.
  4. The unit has been immersed in water or other liquids, allowed to be filled with dirt or dust, or otherwise physically abused.
  5. The 12-month limited warranty has expired.

This shall be the exclusive written warranty of the original purchaser and neither this warranty or any other warranty, expressed or implied, shall extend beyond the 12-month period listed above. In no event shall Altus Brands, LLC be liable for consequential damages, consequential property damage, or consequential personal injury. (Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties or exclusions of consequential damages, so that these restrictions may not apply to you). This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state.

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