Pro Ears: Your Trusted Hearing Protection Supplier for Auto Racing


Gear up for the ultimate racing experience that combines heart-pounding thrills with uncompromising safety – discover the paramount importance of wearing hearing protection in the dynamic world of auto racing.

The Solution: Racing Headphones and Hearing Protection

Introducing our specialized hearing protection designed for auto racing enthusiasts like you. Our state-of-the-art technology combines noise reduction with crystal-clear sound, ensuring you hear the roaring engines without compromising your hearing. Engineered for comfort, durability, and performance, our high-quality racing hearing protection allows you to fully immerse yourself in the thrill while shielding your ears from harm.



Key Features and Benefits

Enhanced Focus

Our directional microphone technology allows for superior situational awareness as you know exactly where each noise is coming from.

Top Notch Sound Quality

While racing, you must get accurate sound quality even in the midst of high-octane action. Effective communication with your team and fellow racers is crucial on the track and high noise levels can make it difficult, potentially leading to hazards.

Bluetooth Technology

Explore our models with Bluetooth to connect your devices for music, take calls, and communicate with your team while protecting your ears from loud noises. Don’t let your hearing suffer, get Bluetooth hearing protection for the race track.

Comfortable Fit

Our cutting-edge hearing protection is designed with your comfort in mind. Race days can be long, so you want hearing protection that won’t disrupt your day. Our headphones have comfortable ear cushions, custom-fit ear bud options, and different size ear plug tips so you can embrace the race.

Extended Battery Life

Don’t lose communication while on the track. Our electronic models have a battery life of up to 12 hours so you’re able to get amazing audio quality all race long.


At Pro Ears, we take pride in being a trusted name in hearing protection. We’re hearing protection made in the USA with a focus on quality, performance, durability and customer satisfaction. At the race track, several individuals require hearing protection to safeguard their auditory safety due to the intense noise levels generated by the racing environment. Here’s why drivers, pit crews and spectators choose us:

Race Car Drivers & Pit Crews

Drivers and crew are exposed to the deafening roar of engines, tire screeches, and high-speed winds while in the car or pit lane. Wearing hearing protection allows them to focus on their race, make precise decisions, and react swiftly without the distraction of extreme noise.


Spectators lining the racetrack are exposed to the thunderous noise of racing engines while watching their favorite drivers. Use the 3.5 mm mic jack to listen to scanners and hear the pit crews. The use of headphones will only enhance the overall race day experience so you can enjoy the excitement without excessive noise.

Event Officials

Event officials and race directors are responsible for monitoring races and crews. This requires a lot of time at the track, efficient and accurate communication, and enhancing race control. A reliable hearing protection headset is necessary for officials.


Don’t let the roar of the racetrack jeopardize your auditory well-being. Whether you’re headed to the Grand Prix or an amateur race, make sure your ears don’t suffer the long-term consequences. Elevate your experience, protect your hearing, and seize the adrenaline-fueled moments like never before. Shop both passive noise cancellation models and electronic hearing protection today. Make every race a memorable one!

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