Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight: Dave Sevigny

“Of course, I’ve been using Pro-Ears since 2001 and I’m very happy with the quality of the product. Simply the best.”

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight: Clint Eastwood

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight Clint Eastwood

He could choose any protection he wants and he choose Pro Ears!

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight: Tom Carpenter

“In all my matches Pro Ears hearing protection performed well and yielded all day comfort in very high temperatures and humidity. They are the standard by which all others are measured. I have been wearing Pro Ears most of my career and would never change brands.”

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight: Jeff Snope

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight Jeff Snope

“I have been shooting competition for a number of years now. I have tried all different types and levels of hearing protection. Pro Ears has been my go to company for quality hearing protection. Wearing the Pro Ears Pro Fits is like wearing nothing at all. These in ear models are very small, very comfortable, very effective and reducing load noises, and offer unprecedented performance in hearing range commands, speech, and your surroundings. I have even worn my Pro Ears Products to Monster truck Shows, while working, Reloading ammunition and when doing projects with machinery around my house. You can’t go wrong with Pro Ears, they have something that fits every price range, and it is quality products.”

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight: Nathan Sypeck

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight Nathan Sypeck

“When I first started going to competitions I saw a lot of the top shooter’s wearing pro ears and figured there must be a good reason. When I finally bought a pair I knew why – I could hear so clearly and they were really comfortable compared to my old pair. I recently started wearing the Pro Fit Sport and all I can say is Wow!”

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight: Steve Foster

Pro Ears Shooter Spotlight Steve Foster

“I shoot 100k rounds a year and I trust my hearing to Pro Ears! They are comfortable and do a great job blocking out the harmful sounds and allowing the sounds in you need to hear at the range.”

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