See Pro Ears in Action

Hi, I'm Ed Santos, owner and founder of Center Target Sports and the Tactical Services Group at Post Falls, Idaho.

Today, we're going to demonstrate Pro Ears hearing protection.

We' re going to do that demonstration by comparing Pro Ears to other types of hearing protection that's available on the marketplace today. We're also going to utilize the 357 Magnum Revolver-- one of the loudest and most powerful handguns in the world.

First, we're going to compare Pro Ears to passive hearing devices.

As you can tell, utilizing passive hearing devices forces the shooter into an environment where all of the sounds are muffled. Whole sound compression. It's very difficult for the shooter to understand and even hear range commands that may be given on the range.

Next, we're going to compare the Pro Ears Technology to active clipping technology devices that are found on the marketplace. Active clipping technology, typically, means that the sound is going to be clipped. Once a certain decibel level is reached. That technology essentially shuts it off that really turns the active clipping technology devices into a passive hearing device.As you can tell with the active clipping device headset, the essential sounds are just turned off, it's like a cut off switch, during the time with gunfire, we find it difficult to understand range commands or anything that's going on around you at the time of firing.

You're now going to experience Pro Ears dynamic level sound compression technology. This technology allows the shooter to hear ambient noise, actually amplifying ambient noise in many cases, but when the shot is fired, the hearing is compressed, the noise is compressed so that the shooter can still hear everything else around them.

I'm a low light firearms instructor, I'm constantly teaching in total darkness. Imagine how important it is to me to hear everything that goes on the darkened range. I never teach a class in light, or in low-light without wearing my Pro Ears.

As you can hear, the dynamic level sound compression technology of the Pro Ears hearing protection. It compresses the loud noise. What this allows the shooter to do is clearly hear everything that's going on around them. That heightened state of awareness whether it's in a tactical environment or on the shooting range, it's ultimately going to make you safer around firearms.