Pro Ears | Stealth 28


Pro Ears | Stealth 28

Pro Ears | Stealth 28


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The Pro Ears Stealth 28 weighs in at only 20 grams allowing for extended all-weather use, and the battery lasts 18 hours with a one-hour charging time. The great features of the stealth are the 5 times hearing amplification, sound compression technology, noise reducing wind cover over the microphone, and the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 28dB rated hearing protection. Pro Ears includes 3 incredibly soft ear bud sizes to fit any ear canal. What does this all mean for consumers? Pro Ears has created ultra-light hearing protection that is technologically advanced for all users, environments, and affordable.

Pro Ears Stealth 28 comes with proprietary temple hugging design for a secure, comfortable fit with amplification up to 5X and sound compression. Perfect for shooters, yard work, concerts and everyday wear when ear protection is needed.


  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 28dB
  • Attack (Response) Time 2.0ms
  • DLSC Technology
  • Rapid USB Rechargable Port
  • 5X Hearing Amplification
  • Noise Reducing Wind Cover
  • Incredibly Soft Ear Buds
  • Ultra-Lightweight for All Day Comfort
  • 1 Year Warranty

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1 review for Pro Ears | Stealth 28

  1. Brian A

    I have been using mine for about a year now shooting trap and they are the best hearing protection I have ever used at the trap range. Love them!!

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