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Pro Ears | Predator Gold


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The Best Hunting Hearing Protection

The Predator Gold Series is designed to be the absolute best hearing protection for hunting with large caliber rifles. We listened to hunters and wingshooters to design this set of muffs for extreme comfort while maintaining great noise reduction. The amplification circuits help you hear game at longer ranges than you could normally, and when you shoot the muffs kick in and block the loud sound, saving your precious hearing.

The Predator Gold is a great all around muff. Indoors or outdoors it provides the best in comfort, reliability and performance. The NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) is 26. Exclusive DLSC Technology has the fastest response time in the industry at 1.5 milliseconds. Military grade dual circuit boards ensure a rugged and reliable pair of ear muffs, no wires to break or get snagged. Our Gold Series Headbands are made to give you maximum adaptability and comfort for your hearing protection, even if you need to wear it for long periods of time.

  • Gold Series electronic hearing protection and amplification. Audiophile sound.
  • Exclusive DLSC Technology.
  • Low profile cup design allows shouldering a rifle or shotgun without interference
  • Military grade dual circuit boards. Gold Connectors for high quality audiophile sound.
  • Automatic shut off and Pro Form Leather ultra comfortable ears seals, and padded, adjustable headband.
  • Amplifies sound more than 8x normal hearing.
  • Fast attack time of 1.5 milliseconds.
  • Weighs only 9.3 ounces.
  • 3.5mm input jacks for i-pod and MP3 players
  • Contoured cup – ideal for turkey, duck, bird hunting or just using at the range

Product Reviews

11 reviews for Pro Ears | Predator Gold

  1. Cody

    Having these ears has been awesome on my last 3 hunts. I’ve been able to hear grouse rustling and deer way further off than I could have on my own.

    And the protection from a gunshot’s ring is amazing, no delay and completely save my hearing.

  2. Jeff S.

    The ear muff pads are extremely comfortable. The padding on the head loop is extremely comfortable, and the noise cancelling circuitry in these is the best hands down. If someone is shooting a gun right in front of you, you can still hear what someone is saying right next to you. Only the bang is filtered out of the headphones, all low level noises still make it to your ears. I also hook my phone up to these and listen to Pandora while i move the lawn and reload ammo via the aux input jacks. Cheek weld for rifles and shotguns is also excellent. The best damn ear muffs I have ever owned hands down. I am a competitive pistol and rifle shooter, and I use these a lot. They really do a great job of protecting my hearing.

  3. William from CO

    I saw another review where they talked about the headband breaking-mine did too, but when I called the company they sent me a new one immediately, I like the muffs a lot and now thew really good customer service they gave me, no hassles.

  4. Keith

    Rec’d a pair of Predator Golds by Pro Ears for my birthday. Great sound quality, no clicking on and off when I fire, very comfortable. I like I can adjust volume in each ear because I can’t hear well out of my right ear.

  5. Mary Alice

    I purchased a pair from and I love them. I was concerned about comfort and I had read about the Pro Ears ear cushions being extra thick and comfortable and that has proved to be true. I use them at the range when I practice pistol shooting and they work great. I can still hear my instructors commands while shooting. Interestingly, my instructor uses Pro Ears as well. I am very happy so far and rate them 5 stars!

  6. S. Miller

    My headband broke but I called the company and they sent me a new one right away. The Customer Service person told me they had a batch of headbands, but they fixed the problem. I love these Predator Gold units though, very comfortable, high quality sounds, no static, long warranty and Made in the USA.

    I liked the company stood behind their product too.

  7. Craig A

    thought they were great before headband broke. duct tape got me by, next year the other side broke!

  8. Roger52

    Love these muffs, everything they said about them was true, great clarity, very comfortable, no distortion, and best of all made in the USA.

  9. MtnMustang

    I shoot daily and have worn these for close to 10 years. They work as advertised. I have a 40% hearing loss and I actually hear better wearing these. In addition to shooting, I wear them at concerts to reduce the bass sounds and explosions. I wear them to stage plays to accentuate voices that may otherwise be difficult to hear. I did break the headband, but it was replaced free of charge by Pro Ears. Once the rubber gasket came loose but I repaired it with a couple drops of flexible adhesive.

    Would definitely buy again and again.

  10. Steve

    As a firearms instructor, it is important to preserve my hearing while listening for problems on the range and for the mobile radio communications with the safety staff behind the line. I have used all the commonly known brands, but all have significant problems except the ProEars Gold that I am currently using. The easily replaced battery location is nice when I do have to change batteries, without disassembling the ear cup. What a nice thought! The reliability is also the highest I have experienced. Thank you ProEars.

  11. Fishgriller

    I was very excited to get out in the woods, or to the range.with these new Predator Gold Ear Muffs. I know hearing protection is very important, and combined with the hearing enhancement qualities of these NNR26 rated muffs, I heard things in a whole new prospective. These muffs have an 8-Bit Micro- Processor,that does a complete systems diagnostic test instantly ,when you turn the switch on. This product reacts/recovers in less than 1.5 milliseconds. I was scouting for spring Turkeys last week , out on the High Desert , and when I sat down, called, and listened with these muffs on . I could hear the smallest of noises from small birds, and the wind, but never got any response from a Turkey. I can not wait to hear some big game, or other varmint noises. Then I went to the local place to shoot ,called the Pit to shoot my 12 Gauge Tactical shotgun ,with some 3 inch slugs ,and buckshot. I also brought my Ruger 338 Win Mag Rifle , this thing is LOUD! These muffs feel very comfortable, to wear for longer periods of time, in the field or at the range. The noise reduction of 26 decibels, provided by these muffs ,lets me shoot a bunch of rounds, without worrying about damage to my hearing senses, yet I can still laugh and joke with my pals, at the Pit ,or a range master ,at the sporting clay 5 stand venue. This unit comes with a 3.5 mini jack audio cord . It works with FRS radios mp3 players,am/fm DLSC Technology lets you hear softer sounds ,while protecting your hearing. Military Grade circuit boards for dependable long lasting use in all weather , and other abusive conditions. I give this product a very high rating, for the highest quality components, technology , comfort ability, and great hearing enhancement, and protection qualities. A 5 year warranty ,and excellent customer service, makes for a top of the line, hearing protection/enhancement product. I hope this review helps viewers. { FISHGRILLER APPROVED ]

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